The Botanical Gardens of Nikitsky in Crimea

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Today we talk about the Botanical Gardens of Nikitsky in Crimea, one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine. Near the shores of the Black Sea in Ukraine, by the city of Yalta you will find these gordeous botanical gardens. In 1812 the Botanical Gardens of Nikitsky in Crimea was founded by Christian Steven, a Russian botanist.

The collection of plants and the garden have grown since the beginning. This amazing garden now covers 11 kilometers. The beautiful garden with its many plants, including some unique and rare plants, medicinal plants, as well as the variety of flowers and cacti is a wonderful place to visit and spend the day enjoying the scenery.

Nikitsky Botanical Garden

While strolling along the scenic paths you will see the rose gardens with a breathtaking and beautiful view of the mountains. There are more than 2000 kinds of roses to see in all colors. The paths take you through the sweet scented roses letting you enjoy not only the beauty but the wonderful scent also. Tulips are also plentiful in this gorgeous setting.

ukraine nature

As you stroll through the garden the tulips in bloom are a sight to see with the colors blending together in the flower beds. You will also stroll among the colorful chrysanthemums which are splendid to see. The colors range from pink, yellow and orange and the show of colors when in bloom is quite wonderful. Other flowers in the gardens include lilies, carnations and fuchsias, each adding their own beauty.

crimea sight seeing

Along with the amazing colors of the flowers you will see peaceful water ponds, fountains and water lilies. There are also many varieties of cacti which when in bloom are amazing to see. Palm and banana trees line some of the pathways along with other tropical plants. The trees in the garden include an oak that is 500 years old and a juniper that is 1000 years old. These majestic trees are among the many species from all over the world including fig, olive and almond trees.

Botanical Gardens of Nikitsky

With the variety of trees, cacti and flowers in the garden there is something in bloom at almost all times. Visiting the garden any time of year will be a great experience. The plants have a cover of snow in the winter transforming the garden to a winter wonderland.

crimean garden

The Botanical Gardens of Nikitsky in Crimea is also a scientific research center where they use the medicinal plants for herbs and tea. Spending a day at here will be a truly special experience.



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4 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    Dear Krystyna,

    I am planning a trip to Kiev for taking photos. How about the two botanical gardens in Kiev? Are there any tulips in August?

    How about the annual flower exhibition in Pechersk Landscape Park in Kiev? I can find some photos of the previous years but I cannot find any information for this year.

    Please help 🙂


    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Dear Eric,

      I found the following information on the most beautiful botanical gardens in Kiev.
      You are right: there are two biggest botanical gardens in Kiev known for their beauty and vast variety of tree and plant species:

      1) the A.V. Fomin Botanical Garden

      In 1839 the Kiev Taras Shevchenko University opened its own botanical garden. The botanical garden is 22.5 hectares (0.225 km²), with 8,000 plant species, including 143 recorded in the Ukraine’s Red Book of Rare Species.

      In 1977, a 30 meter (98 ft.) high glass greenhouse was built inside the garden, which houses the oldest palm trees in Ukraine.

      In 1935, the garden was named after the academician A.V. Fomin, who directed the garden for years.

      The vestibule of the Kiev Metro station Universytet, is located on the northern edge of the garden, which was opened in 1960.

      Fomin Botanical Garden

      Fomin Botanical Garden

      2) the Botanical Garden of the Ukrainian Academy of Science (also called the Central Botanical Garden).

      The last one is probably the most picturesque garden in Kiev: the garden not only contains various kinds of plants, but also neighbors with the beautiful Vidubitsky monastery which was founded by the son of Yaroslav Mudry, Vsevolod, between 1070 and 1077.

      The name of the monastery comes from old Slavic legend about the pagan god Perun, who swam out of the Dnepr River, but was defeated by Prince Vladimir, who was against pagan idols and made Russia an Orthodox country.

      It is amongst the more popular attractions in Kiev for local residents and visitors, as this impressive botanical garden covers an area of 130 hectares.

      botanical garden kiev

      Botanical Garden of the Ukrainian Academy of Science

      Bad news for you, Eric:

      Tulip Exhibition 2012 took place in Kiev from April 28 to May 13. So as you see, the exhibition is over.
      I post now a few pictures of the flowers I’ve found online.
      I cannot tell you if there are any tulips in August. I hope so but I am not sure 🙁


  2. Eric says:

    Thanks for your information.

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