Five biggest challenges for a Ukrainian woman immigrating West

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there is no doubt that marriage is one of the most interesting social practices that have evolved throughout time. In its earlier form, marriage was practiced only after the groom has courted the bride properly or has gotten to know each other in a considerably long period of time. Yet today, grooms have the opportunity to save their time and effort from courting their future brides and having to polish up to her parents.

From my personal experience, I would say that although marriage with Ukrainian and Russian brides has been viewed negatively by others and have been engulfed by controversies and disputes, those who have no problems with the costs of meeting brides from Russia and Ukraine and are open for new cultures can leave such option on their list.

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In the past, traditional mail order brides were sourced from well-developed countries to marry men in foreign countries and colonies like America and Australia. But today the trend has seemingly been reversed. Single women living in undeveloped or third-world countries are now seeking men in more developed nations.

There are a lot of considerations that are stringed with getting married to a lady from Ukraine immigrating into Western territories. Whether the Ukrainian bride is going to the US, Canada, Germany, France or the UK, certain challenges will be met along the way of procuring a Ukrainian woman for marriage.

Ukrainian mail order bride

Ukrainian mail order bride

Challenge #1: Language unfamiliarity.

You have to learn how to overcome language barriers in your intercultural marriage. Furthermore, it is really very important that your wife from Ukraine learns the language of her new home country as soon as possible.

As her partner, you’ll have to work on teaching on enrolling your Ukrainian lady on a language course before you can both communicate effectively and clearly.

Challenge #2: Loneliness.

A Ukrainian and Russian bride immigrating into the Western hemisphere will also naturally feel loneliness and being homesick from their family or friends. A possible move on the part of the Western groom may be to pay for the travel expenses of the bride’s family or friend so that she can see them or possibly live with both of you.

ukraine dating

Challenge #3: Difference in culture

Difference in Ukrainian and Western cultures is also commonly another challenge that a Ukrainian woman struggles with when immigrating to the country of her Western husband. Certain practices and cultures will evoke distinct views and perspectives and should be worked on immediately and appropriately to ensure a smooth long-term relationship.

Challenge #4: Establishing goals and plans in a new life

Living in an entirely different and new country or region can also inspire difficulty in establishing and recognizing goals and plans for the Ukrainian bride. What would her goals and objectives be for short-term and long-term? Should she be working? Perhaps continuing her unfinished college course? As the male of the couple, you should make it a point to communicate with your bride and ask what’s on her mind. Communication is a key to firmly establishing goals ahead.

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Challenge #5: Dealing with intercultural differences

Lastly, the partners should learn how to deal with difficulties in an intercultural relationship or marriage. Both Western husband and Ukrainian wife will have to work on this challenge for long-term periods. Intercultural differences may impede harmonious married life and may entail a disastrous marriage on both parties.



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