Five potential red flags in Ukrainian online dating

Dear friends,

The scenario is every Western man’s worst nightmare: “I was contacted by an amazing woman from Ukraine. She was beautiful and funny, a full 23 years younger than me. I just knew she was the one! It was love at first sight”. But the reality is something different…. 🙁

Unfortunately, it may be sometimes too good to be true. After investing (a lot of) time and money in what you think is your one true love, “your perfect Ukrainian lady Natalia” stops contacting you. From my personal experience, I can say that the men have since gone on to find love online.

You can avoid making the same mistakes by recognizing these five red flags.

Ukrainian online dating

5 red flags in the Ukrainian online dating

Red Flag #1: too big age difference

The first red flag is a very young woman from Ukraine or Russia contacting an older man from a Western country. As for me, it is very strange if a 20 year old beauty from Ukraine contacts first a man who is much older than her (20-25-30 year age difference is extreme big and may be the reason for problems and misunderstanding in a Western-Ukrainian relationship).

But I have to mention that not every young Ukrainian woman who contacts an older man is a scammer. On the other hand, she should be viewed with caution. Some readers told me that several beautiful Ukrainian ladies wrote to them first that they really wanted to talk to them as soon as possible.

Well, we should realize this is the 21st century and all. Women can initiate a relationship without being a scammer; however you must think about the age difference in depth and decide if you are ready for that or not. Be careful.

Red Flag #2: weak anti-scam system on your Ukrainian dating site

Many newbies make this silly and costly mistake, namely: they begin to use the Ukrainian dating site without having made a detailed online research on its services. The fact is that many International online dating services have a serious problem with scamming. This is a huge red flag.

Some International online dating sites make it easier for scammers to take root and make them more difficult to find. Dating sites that allow multiple accounts from the same IP address make it easier for a scammer to set up many accounts.

Red Flag #3: falling in love – too fast, too furious

The next sign I should have seen is “falling in love” by the third letter. I am sure you know this story: two people from two different countries write back – forth for a few days before the man gets a message that the Ukrainian lady is falling hard for him, that she is in love and she wants to move to his home country to spend her life with him. Happy end of this online dating story? I do not think so! You do?

We all are adult people and may not believe such messages that the woman/man falls in love after a short online mail communication without meeting in person and at least hearing the voice of the woman or man.

Red Flag #4: you are my Mr. Right

In the same spirit, another red flag is if the Ukrainian man just knows that you are the man for her. You know that patience is one of the most important keys to a successful & happy Western-Ukrainian relationship.

Thus when you try to slow things down and see that the woman tells you she has this feeling that you are destined to be together, you must view this woman with a big caution. You may not believe if the woman from Ukraine tells you she just knows that you are going to grow old together.

Red Flag #4: exaggerated literary picture of your future together

Painting an attractive picture of where the future will lead is another common red flag. It is not usual if the Ukrainian woman for marriage say you things like “we can grow old on the porch together” and “we’ll travel the world. I will show you all the sites” in her third message.

Red Flag #5: nude or revealing photos

Furthermore, throwing in the attractive pictures of the Ukrainian woman with every message is not a normal behavior in the Ukrainian dating field. Of particular concern are nude or very revealing photos. Genuine women with serious intentions do not do something like this.

I hope if you know these things, you will never send a Ukrainian dating scammer several thousand dollars or invest your costly time, your heart and your emotions in a relationship that doesn’t really exist.



Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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6 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    Dear Krystyna,

    It’s me again with another question :p

    If a lady has registered a profile in these bogus dating websites (, do you think this is a red flag?


    • Krystyna Krystyna says:


      I do not think that every girl registered on one of these sites (NATASHA CLUB, ONLINE DATING UKRAINE, FIRST INTERNATIONAL, LOVE LAB, VICTORIA or BRW) is a scam or fake. I believe there are genuine women with serious intentions to find a Western man for life. However, I have to say if I see such profiles like

      I would say that the women are too beautiful to be genuine. Do you really believe that these women looking like top-models have problems to find a man for life? I do not think so!!! Ukrainian women are pretty but these women are too beautiful to be singles. Moreover, in my opinion, the photos are sexually revealing and look like pictures for erotic magazines, but not for serious online dating sites. Do you believe that genuine women with serious intentions to find a match from abroad would present themselves half naked like porno stars on the dating site? I do not!

      Here are some “normal” profiles with “normal” pictures:


      • Eric says:


        Hi, My name is Allen from Midwest USA…

        First – just to cut from the chase as to if I have actual genuine intentions of finding my soulmate on a dating site from the Ukraine or Russia…

        At my local ( o.k. I live in a small town outside of a medium-sized one ith many hundred thousane a mere 37 miles away from me ), but that just drives this sentence home a bit further…

        The local Walgreen’s Pharmacy where not just me, but most of the people in my entire county of 30K people, get their meds at this Walgreeen’s as it is the local one near a bunch of small communities nearby…

        This local Walgreen’s Pharacist is Asian married to an America… Her new Pharm tech ? Anastaysia from Kherson – she is 26 ( and yes, incidentally, she is quite besides herself and took time off owrk to deal with her stress and worry about her family and friends near Kherson and her native country in general… ).

        Anastaysia, who is all of 26, also married to an America man,and a normal, bright, friendly ( and very attractive, yet naturaly so as she is from that country, as you can imagine – but yet realisticc and someone any of us can relate too… )

        Anyway, I am rambling – but you can see the point I am trying to make – I am simply interested, just as with any good american girl here as well, of finding a prospective wife ( someday – not next week and no, I would be very insulted to ever be said to be a sex tourist I hate those words, as I would even consider punching anyone who implyed such a gross thing, anyway ( and no I wouldnt do that of course… but still )…

        Also ? I worked for American Airlines for 5 years and am in the travel industry now, so to travel theree is really not a big deal whatsoever, well, other than the chaotic and evil war going on over there those t here are enduring…

        O.k. now, when I placed my profile ( which I am deleting soon thanks to your blog and a dose of reality… ), I became suspicious of sites like ( Elena’s ModelsS of course not, RealRussianMatch, no not that one either ), but of my current profile on both Natashaclub and Charmingbride…

        Although yes, 90% of all the woemn on theseand their sister sites are impossibly beautiful, not only are they from a country which harbors some of the most beaufiul women, I also no that NO respectable, real Ukrainina, or Russian, or even American would tak in the manner some of these women talk…

        I mean c’mon – ” I wanna *** ” right off the bt before even introducing themselves or saying hi, ya know

        Geesch – I want to reply – gee, don’t you think we shuould at least go to dinner first ??? ( not that I am that sort of guy anywjere as sex is making love to me, not ***ing, ya know ?

        And when they say I love you ERic and not even gosh, you are the man I want to be with, which still is ridiculoussly obnoxious ist even close to the two former things…

        However, then again – 21 well, of course not – I am late 40’s

        31, well, yeah, maybe – 27-28 plausible but highly unlikely – besides, at my age, would I even be normal if I found anyone less than 26 attractive in such a way – I have 20 neices who are all drop dead gorgeous who would be moritfied themselves, if anyone talked like that either ( not to mention, slap their face off… )


        First – those two sites are most likely nonsense yet therer might actually be like 25 out of 250 or more at best who are genuine ( who, incidentally, you get a good idea as they are dressed NOT provokatbly sexy sure in a nice way not an obcene way – also although they are besutiufl they even include pics of their young daughters if unmarried women in following letters – which, the reason I metnion this – are scammers that savvy yet to try something ?

        So you can see why this is confusing – I mean are we stupid, well, yes, we are guys, afterall )

        But still – village idiots now – but 3 ot of 5 people today met or know of someone who has met on Catholicsingles,.com ( where I have met most all who were decent )

        So – WHERE are the legit Ukrainina RUssian foreign dating sites anyway ( I mean is Elena”s models and love me – are they seriously the only two ??? I know they are rare gems, the real ones but golly

        ANyway]If you wouldnt mind expalining a bit of this to me as I am just as dense and unrealistic to a point as any guy, but yet sincere in my search

        I know this is rambling, and I m sorry, but thanks for reading this in its entirety…

        IF you wouldnt mind answering me and shedding a bit of light on this as even with all 5 red flags you wonderfully adressed, they are not absolutes I would think given today’s world even though their culture and morals are vastly different than ours – that is why they dress their best, dress well, but not obcenely or rediculously present themselves…

        THanks so much for this Krystyna – really – it means a lot


        Very Truly Yours,


        • Eric says:

          Hi again Krystyna

          Oh geesch I didnt realize this was so long – please do not bother posting it without abbreviating it a lot if you don’t mind or I will if you prefer

          Thanks so much !!!


  2. Eric says:

    Although there is no hard evidence, I guess it is another scam >.<

    I find that she spend more time to login these bogus dating websites rather than login Exxxx'x xxxxxx to reply my messages. She did reply me once.

  3. Eric says:

    Dear Krystyna,

    Thanks for your information.

    Sometimes it may be difficult for me to understand what is too beautiful, since I do not live in Europe. I always avoid profiles showing women in swimsuit or underwear. I’m still a conservative person. I think it is more natural for women to wear proper dresses or casual wear.


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