Guest post: Communicating with Ukrainian women is a funny business

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Today I am resting :). Gil Rio, a dating coach for men, offered to write an article for my blog. Of course, I agreed! Learn how to communicate with Ukrainian women from a Western guy’s point of view. Enjoy! 🙂


Hi guys!

In most skills we, men, try to learn – sports, playing instruments, speaking a language, operating a machine, etc. – generally the harder you work at it, the better you do. And, crucially, dedication usually attracts respect and approval. You generally don’t hear your boss or coach tell you to try less hard.

But attracting Ukrainian women is a different game. When you interact with a beautiful Ukrainian girl, trying hard (or at least seeming to) can work against you. Men who strive to get Ukrainian women’s attention tend to be insecure and needy – precisely the characteristics girls run away from.

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Walk into any bar and watch how guys behave. Most stand with their buddies and look around, as if in a daze. They watch, but don’t act. They ogle at attractive women, but don’t dare say a word, held in place by their insecurity.

Others find different manifestations for their low self-esteem, like trying to look mean or tough – the guy with a scowl on his face all night, trying to start fights.

What do the wall-flower and the lug have in common? They’re not comfortable in their own skin and they’re not having fun. As a consequence, attractive women from Ukraine and Russia avoid them instinctively.

Fun is contagious. Thanks to a special network of brain cells, known as the mirror neurons, we can not only perceive someone’s emotional state but also feel it ourselves. That’s one reason upbeat people are so well-loved.

Women are especially sensitive to emotional cues. Show her a good time and she’ll keep coming back, even if you make mistakes otherwise. Bore her and she’ll avoid you like the plague.

When you’re out, try to genuinely have fun. Go to venues you like, with music you enjoy, and surround yourself by positive, fun people.

ukrainian women

Smile. 🙂 Even forcing a smile gives your brain positive feedback that inevitably makes you more upbeat.

Talk to everyone. Be social. It’s much easier to approach an attractive woman from Ukraine if you’ve been socializing all night. Your subcommunications and body language will be significantly better. Plus, if she sees you interacting with other people it will build social proof in her eyes.

Have a good time with no ulterior motive and spread good emotions around the room and, before you know it, Ukrainian women will be burning to be approached by you.

Guest post by Gil Rio

About the author: Gil Rio is a dating coach with Love Systems Inc.



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  1. michael says:

    HI , Ukrainian women ? I am American and have lived in Ukraine 14 months. I have learned the Russian language and rarely meet girls who speak English. I actually live in Odessa, here , it is a little different than the rest of Ukraine, unique. I am not sure where to start all of this because I have learned so much.

    I came to Ukraine to marry a girl that I met on one of the all to famous marriage sites. For those of you who do not know, most of the sites area scam and are purely money driven. Yes, believe what you want , I have been to agencies and know many of the girls that WORK there. The girl I came here to marry , had no interest ion me but did have an interest in how much money I earned and living in the Penthouse that I had. She is unusual and is a very bad girl, she is actually an exception not the rule. I took care of that problem and when she comes out of the not to comfortable hotel from years from now she will have exactly what she deserves, nothing.

    To understand the women here you have to understand Ukraine and how things work, I can write a book about this subject. Not today. Ukraine is a democracy in one way but very much not in another. Men here lie to women constantly and yes, the women know it. What has happened here is the men still have the attitude at home I have my wife for the family, cooking, children and sometimes , sex. The women are getting tired of this treatment and have two choices , learn English and look in other parts of the world or stay alone. One word of advice, stay away from marriage agencies, BAD NEWS .

    Most women here do not want to leave Ukraine if you think that , you are very wrong . The good news is , if a Ukrainian girl loves you , she will go wherever you want. You make the decisions, YOU are THE MAN. Yes, if you are not a MAN forget about Ukrainian girls. You make the decisions in the family and you decide what is best. Of course she wants you to consult with her but in the end you make the decision. Forget your Western mentality it does not work here. How to get a Ukrainian girl ? BE A MAN , very simple.

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