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Dear friends,

yes, Ukrainian women are not angels although most International dating sites and Ukrainian matchmaking agencies tell their customers that Ukrainian women are calm and uncomplaining beings who will be happy to do housework in the home of their Western man. In fact, Ukrainian women are very temperamental and can show who’s boss! 😉

But today we do not want to talk about the personality of single Ukrainian ladies for marriage. Today we will talk about Ukrainian brides you will hopefully never meet in your life, namely: Black Widows!

The common name widow spiders is sometimes applied to members of the genus due to the behavior of the female of eating the male after mating, although sometimes the males of some species are not eaten after mating, and can go on to fertilize other females

Source: Wikipedia

black widow

black widow

I highly recommend to read the following Ukrainian dating story about British billionaire, his mysterious death and his beautiful but dangerous Ukrainian wife Anna Ziuzina:

ukrainian dating

The Mysterious Death of Barry Ping on

Read more here:

I hope very much this mysterious but also very sad Ukrainian dating story will help you to avoid making this “black widow” experience with Ukrainian online dating! We have a wonderful wise saying in Russian, namely: “Не все золото, что блестит” (English: “All that glitters is not gold“).

My advice to you, dear Gentlemen, is beware Ukrainian/Russian women on online dating sites who look like erotic stars and top models. I am confident that you will find with such women only big problems and headaches, but not a long-awaited happiness. I believe and know that nice looking women can give you what you need to be happy: caring, affection, attention, understanding and respect. 🙂

Good luck!



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9 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    Lots of red flags

    She was just 19?
    She claimed to be an English teacher but he found out she was a stripper…
    Initial conversation was focus on visa/shoes…
    After getting married, she did not move to UK to live with him, conversation was on e-mail more than on phone…

    He is so desperate…

  2. Eric R. says:

    I am confused. You say to avoid women on these dating sites who look like top models, yet you have given a positive review of many of these websites, such as ‘A Foreign Affair’. I have used this website and found many beautiful women on it, some in pictures of bikinis and lingerie. In fact, I have been corresponding with one such lady for a year now and visited her in Ukraine in person. She is very beautiful and although she shows no nudity (partial or otherwise) in her pictures, she could be considered ‘model quality’. Is this a woman I should avoid?

    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Hello Eric & Eric R.!

      I have probably expressed my words/thoughts not very correctly (as you know, English is not my mother tongue and my words can lead to some misunderstandings).

      I’m not saying that you should avoid beautiful women on online dating sites. Ukrainian women are beautiful, thus they are so popular among the men of the Western world. But there is a big difference between genuine “normal” beautiful women with serious intentions to find a husband from abroad and beautiful women who show themselves in sexy costumes like a nurse or erotic stars.

      Of course, the Ukrainian women using dating services show themselves in all their beauty because they know that appearance plays an important role in the selection. I do not want to say that all the dating sites with such “erotic & revealing” women are fake and scam. For example, I have heard many positive things about “A Foreign Affair” and I am a partner of this dating agency.

      But I want to say that I have an opinion that a genuine woman who has kids, a job and hopes to find a serious man will not install “sexy” pictures like this one on

      Or this one:

      (and yes, she is fake)

      For example, these Ukrainian girls are very beautiful but they show no nudity on their pictures:

      Beauty is not a crime.

      If a woman looks like a top model, this is not a crime.

      If the woman shows herself as a lady in decent but elegant clothes, for me she has much more style than all these Ukrainian girls in bikinis and lingerie.

      Next question. If a woman is so beautiful, why she is installing such photoshopped photos on her profile? Sometimes I see such strong photoshopped pictures on the profiles that I think “they are too beautiful to be true”. And we should stay realistic – it is not a good sign that the woman is genuine.

      • Eric says:

        On second thought, women who are beautiful, intelligent, and confident do not need to dress in sexy clothes to attract people. I don’t think women who want to build happy families want people just to love their bodies.

        I think the Russian language is much more complicated than English. Those grammar that change the ending of words make me crazy…

  3. Eric says:

    My 2 cents. I guess those are not websites/organizations created to cheat your membership fee or e-mail fee, but nobody can guarantee that 100% of the members registered do not have evil plans.

    Beauty is not a crime, but I guess it is more reliable if the photos show decent clothes and daily activities, instead of magazine like photos.

  4. Eric R. says:

    Ah, makes sense. Thank you Krystyna. I am always wary of being scammed and it is very scary out there for us men sometimes too…

  5. Joe says:

    Isn’t it that there also could be the possibility that she is dressed normal and not like a model, in lingerie or looking sexy and still be there to scam you?

    • Eric says:

      This kind of careful planning will also happen in our own countries, right?

    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Hi Joe,

      of course, there also could be the possibility to get scammed by a “normal” Ukrainian woman woman dressed normal and not looking like a top model. But in my opinion, this possibility to get scammed is much bigger if the woman is dressed in lingerie and posing in a very sexual and erotic way. Such “women” manipulate the man’s thinking so that he buys more and more credits for communication with a “sexy angel” or could been asked for money (you know, the woman has no money for Internet fees, she has to learn English and has no money for that, so on). The human imagination knows no bounds!!!

      But if you want to prove that women looking like erotic stars in their online dating profiles, let’s do it! But honestly, I am skeptical!


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