Three tips how to overcome language barriers in a Ukrainian-Western relationship

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Today, we continue to talk about language, rather we will discuss the possibility of overcoming language barriers in a Ukrainian-Western relationship. I think this important issue cannot be ignored by the partners because an open communication and understanding are keys to a happy intercultural relationship. Since the modern world is more like a ‘Melting Pot’, intercultural relationships have become normal than exceptions. As the concept of global village is taking over, cultural, lingual and behavioral differences amongst people are blurring away gradually.

You can always fall in love with a Ukrainian woman who understands you as a person and shares a lot of similarities with you; her complexion or language might not matter when love creeps in! However the Ukrainian-Western relationships come with unique challenge that is precisely ‘Language Barrier‘.

There is a common concept – ‘Men and women speak different languages altogether!‘ Now it becomes a crude realty when you try to date a woman coming from Ukraine and speaking a different language. Following are a few general tips on communicating with a Ukrainian woman (that means someone from another language background):

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Tip #1: You can use facial or hand gestures to make your lady from Ukraine understand you. Electronic translator devices are also available nowadays which will instantly translate your language to hers. However a machine can always translate the words but not the emotions.

Tip #2: Search over the Internet and find out about Ukrainian culture and background (e.g. the Ukrainian Dating Blog and Ukrainian Dating Stories). Learn and memorize some important phrases in her language and use them appropriately. Certainly she will be touched with your sincerity and effort.

Tip #3: You can always use an interpreter although it sounds a real turn-off to me! Seeking help from a third person can be really dissuading especially for a lady.

Now the solution to this problem greatly depends on what you expect from the relationship or how serious you are about it. Even if you get an electronic translator or learn a few basic phrases of Ukrainian or Russian, it is simply not enough if you wish to go for a long term relationship. There will be miscommunication and misunderstanding always until and unless either of you learns to speak each other’s language.

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Although learning a new language is always tough, things get easier with patience and hard work; especially when you learn it from a loved one. Spend some time communicating with your partner in her language and ask her the meanings for certain phrases she uses in her conversation with you or others. Make a note of the meaning and try to use them while speaking with her.

Even if you do not become a great speaker of the foreign language, you can at least understand what she is talking about. Finally love has a common language spoken through eyes and body language. Till the time you find a feasible resolution to the language problems, try the language of love and you won’t regret it…Trust me!! 🙂



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