Tulip Exhibition 2012 in Kiev: Photoreport

Dear friends,

The flower exhibition 2012 in Kiev had traditionally to take place in Kiev from April 28 to May 13. However, the weather has made its own adjustments, namely May Day celebrations were marked by a truly summer heat – the temperature was raised to the level of 30°C.

«II Tulip City Exhibition” began with a colorful concert program. 300,000 bulbs of 22 varieties were represented by 100 pofessional florists on the slopes of the Pechersk landscapes in Kiev. The exhibition took more than 3000 sq.m. The flower show was a real miracle: a bright multi-colored carpet of tulips and other beautiful flowers impressed the exhibition visitors by combining different forms and colors.

The large spots of red, pink, yellow, orange, purple and other colors complement the areas planted with several varieties of tulips which seem to compete with each other in the sun in brightness.

«II Tulip Exhibition 2012″ is a delight for the eyes and unrivaled atmosphere of celebration. You could feel the inspiration and peace…


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2 Responses

  1. Eric says:

    Dear Krystyna,

    I searched on the Internet and most of the articles said that exchange rate in the airports, banks and exchange kiosks were not good. Is it better to withdraw hryvnias directly from ATM (if my card works)? Do you have the same problem and what will you do?


  2. Eric says:

    I found some information finally. I hope this is still true when I arrive 🙂


    Upon arrival, you might want to exchange or withdraw from the ATM certain amount in local currency (hryvnya) «for starters», like taxi/bus/metro cost; buying local sim-card etc.

    There are several money changers/banking counters in the terminal B. Two of them offer ex-rate equal to the one in downtown. The others’ rates are truly ridiculous and must only be this way because these overcharging counters are easy to spot (say, one next to the cafeteria near Avis counter, another one a bit further, near Ukrtelecom window; both quoted USD/UAH at 7.4 today).

    Two «nice» ones are the already mentioned here Ukreximbank and PUMB, both quoting USD/UAH at around 7.9 (7.92-7.94) today.

    To find Ukreximbank counter, exit the arrivals area and walk through the line of «welcomers», then head to your right. It’s located in a niche in a certain distance, but if you make a few steps to your right, you’ll see it no problem. It’s long and has a large Ukreximbank sign. There’s AVTOLUX (bus service provider) window opposite Ukreximbank counter.

    To find PUMB counter, which is in a certain distance from arrivals, head to your left, towards the departures area. Walk along the waiting area, pass by the information desk and the stairs down to the restrooms and as you reach the hall with air companies’ offices, look back. You’ll see its sign as well as ex-rates’ quotation on the window.

    There was a long queue to PUMB counter today, because it’s located in the crowded departures area. Also, the above mentioned exchangers with worse rates are situated next to it; so people queued for the better price. Only two people were in the Ukreximbank niche near arrivals.

    ATM is located right as you exit the arrivals area to the airport hall; walk through the line of welcomers and it will be to your right. There’s a sign «Ukreximbank ATM» above it.

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