Ukrainian online dating: how to make the right decision

Dear Krystyna,

I just read your website/blog and I’d like to get some perspective from you on what would be a good way or website to find someone like minded to myself…

I’ve always had an attraction towards women from Eastern Europe, perhaps part of that is mystique, but really, what I always had in my mind was the different attitude. I live in the Netherlands and I’m not very keen on Dutch women because they just seem too unfriendly and too much geared to work, i.e. what I don’t like in particular is that the women behave too many like men. They don’t seem to be interested in romance or deep discussions either. Of course there are exceptions, but not many that I encountered. I think I only met 2 Dutch women over the years that I really liked!

My impression of Eastern Europe is perhaps as you say on the blog influenced by films, as it will be the case with many men, but I think for me it’s mostly actually by documentaries. I think the attitude towards life is different, less superficial, more emphasis on family life. That’s probably also determined by having less gadgets, so perhaps that will diminish when the people there get more affluent.

woman of Ukraine

woman of Ukraine

People in the west seem to me too busy playing with their cars, mobile phones, getting more and more tuff to fill up the house etc. What you mention about Ukrainian women think about sex (something they just don’t do quickly with anyone) I like. I really dislike the promiscuity here; it’s a turn-off for me.

As to looks: Well, that’s not the biggest attraction. Of course it’s the first thing you see, therefore you do sort by looks automatically, but how a women is, thinks, behaves is much more important so I think some more emphasis on this should be placed on your blog.

I will give an example: I saw some photographs of a woman and thought she looked ok, say on a scale from 0-10 of attractiveness I’d say a 7. Then I read she wanted to establish a place to take care of street children in her country and my estimate of how attractive she was changed to a 10…

I think it made me realize which character traits I could see in her face. For example, if someone is angry, you can see it in their face, by how they pull certain muscles in the face, right? Well, in that sense I believe in a face you can see a lot more, how someone is, and that made me realize/know which type of face has such qualities (in this case someone who wants to do good for others), which I like.

I’ve seen more of this where I saw someone with a certain type of face, then another woman who looked to have the same type of face (on TV) and I liked them all, they all seemed the behave the same way. Well, there are of course differences on how you look based on genetics, but the face does give some (perhaps a lot of) indication towards personality.

ukrainian girl

What I’m considering now is what to do. Do I really want to look for someone in the Ukraine or Russia? I read somewhere that only a few percent of women on websites find a man on such international dating websites, and conversely only a few percent of the men registering there will actually find someone there they like enough to go their country. Perhaps logical, it’s a big step for both!

I’ve looked at a few websites and done the free registration on a few to see what it’s all about I’m not sure what to think of it yet (e.g. in which you must pay for each email read/written and that’s quite a lot; it could take a long time, lots of emails, to find someone you really connect with so this doesn’t look very good; Others want you to pay for contact information whereas I may take a while to find someone I can really connect with so that doesn’t appeal to me much; a monthly rate seems to me the only reasonable solution).

What I’m concerned about is that on many places one can find warnings against just about any such website as being scammers. But also, would it work for someone like me even if it’s all genuine? I saw a profile for example on and it’s of someone who looks nice in my view, but what I liked even more is what she said in the text about what she was looking for.

It didn’t really tell me about what she wanted to do in life or what type of man she’s really looking for (assuming the profile is not fake) but what she wrote actually did tell me a lot about how she is internally, her personality, and that I like (If you want to know which profile this is, let me know!). In most cases however there’s just not enough written by the woman to give me an idea if she’s like minded or what her personality is.

I think I’m not that shallow that I just go for what I think is a pretty woman and personality is in the end anyway most important. So as Ukrainian/Russian women are not the same as those in NL (how do they compare to Germany btw. where you now live?) perhaps my ideas are not quite what I can actually expect? However, your comment about Ukrainian women (men presumably too?) being more closed until they know you better and then friendships become deeper is the same way I am, so that appeals to me too.

Ukraine woman for marriage

Do you think such websites or perhaps other services are really worthwhile?

And it was not clear to me from the website entries, which dating websites you think/believe are trustworthy. If you have not enough knowledge about the websites, that’s understandable, there are quite a few.

I’m not sure where I got the following story from, possibly from my sister: It was several years ago and it was about a man from western Europe who posted an ad in a newspaper (somewhere in Russia, or perhaps Poland) to find someone he liked, which gave him many serious reactions, and I think he did find what he was looking for. What do you think about such things, is that common or not, and how would someone from Ukraine/Russia react to reading such an ad?

Btw. one final note about dating in NL: A few years ago I registered on a few Dutch dating websites and wrote some pretty interesting stuff (I think ) in my profile, e.g. that I don’t like alcohol nor coffee (pretty unusual here) and the reasons why, what I thought about the purpose of life, my interests, and that I prefer women without makeup 🙂

I was very disappointed in the lack of response, surely someone must say ‘wow, I’ve never seen a profile like that’ and send me a nice response. But no. I think the women here in NL are just not interested in romance or other stuff that I find important so I don’t think I’ll find someone I like enough to marry here. So, any advice is welcome!

Yours sincerely,



Krystyna answers:

It’s hard to find the woman of your dreams. A lot of Western men are tired of emancipated women in their home country who can not or do not want to offer what a man would need in a marriage. Thus, the men decide to stop looking for a dream woman for life here in the Western area and begin their search abroad.

Read my article “Five reasons Western men should look for a Russian & Ukrainian woman” and decide if these five reasons convince you to start looking for a woman from Ukraine.



We all know that it can be a nerve-wracking thing to begin this journey. What are the pitfalls? What are the positives? The men are wondering if they can really find that kind of intimate love they’ve been looking for using an online dating service? These are all questions the Western men have; and they make sure to do their research and get their answers right. But I would say that when you, guys, finally did your research, you would find that finding a Ukrainian wife is really what you need in your life. 🙂

The important questions you shoud ask

Gentlemen, before you even start looking for the right woman from Ukraine, you have to ask yourselves if you’re really ready for this big adventure. The rewards are great, but so are the challenges. And you have to look at yourselves, too.

You have to go over your finances and triple-check that you have the resources to really do this. Your financial house really has to be in order, because this process of finding the Ukrainian woman of your dreams is not cheap. For one thing, when you successfully find the right woman, you will have to go to Ukraine to meet her and her family. You will have to wine her and dine her and treat her like the princess she is. Also, you will have to pay for her trip to the States and you will have to support her when she gets here.

You find more information on three fundamental questions to ask yourself BEFORE you start out to search a woman from Ukraine here:

Ukrainian lady

Ukrainian lady

Online research is important, as well

Now, like I said, online research is vitally important. It is possible that you have to go through several dating sites like, or before you find the right one. It is also possible that you get scammed several times. There are places that just want your money and won’t give you anything in return. Therefore, I recommend you to visit plenty of Ukrainian/Russian dating forums before you pick the International dating agency that is right for you. So you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Find out about Ukrainian culture and customs and how to deal with cultural differences. Learn more about Ukrainian women, how they view the relationship and marriage, ect.

And, finally, good luck! 🙂



Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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  1. Eric says:

    This is quite a long e-mail. Although I am just a laymen I would still like to express my opinions.

    I am also worried that when people in Ukraine and Russia get more influenced by modern living style and ideas they will behave the same as people in our countries (>.<) For example, demanding gentlemanliness and equality between men and women at the same time (:p) or students studying for high paid jobs but not for interests.

    I think we should not categorize people just by their faces, and we cannot imagine too much without getting to know someone in person (Maybe because I have been scammed before?).

    While only a few percentages of women in Ukraine and Russia are looking for internationship relationship and out of this small portion, only a few percentages could make successful matches, at least this give us a bit higher opportunities to find what we are looking for (But it might not happen in a short time). As you (Wouter) are living in Europe but I am not, you can travel to Ukraine and Russia more easily and so you should have a higher chance than me. (I think the majorities are just looking for European lovers)

    Assuming the profiles are genuine, we still need to aware that sometimes it is simply not easy to express ourselves precisely because not everybody studies linguist. That's why people need to communicate and meet in person to learn about each others.

    I think using the services of those dating websites at least provide us a chance to communicate with people in Ukraine and Russia. I cannot think of any other way to do that, unless we can stay in Ukraine or Russia for a few months. It is very brave to post a personal advertisement and I wonder if this is useful and if this will bring you more troubles instead.

    Actually I also do not get much responses from local or Ukraine/Russian dating websites, maybe my profile is simply too unusual :p

    After all, do you want to find someone you like?

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