4 simple tips how to get out of boring phone conversation with Ukrainian ladies

Dear friends,

Yes, we all know from our experience it’s (sometimes very) difficult to meet someone today. 300 years ago people met and married someone from the same little town that they grew up in. Lucky for me, and probably you, I did not marry my high school sweetheart the day we graduated. 😉

Every time I run into him at reunion’s it’s hilariously awkward! It’s because of our culture shift in regards to relationships that many people turn to online matchmaking services. Great success has been had with these methods! I feel like every day I meet more people who met online and are now in amazing relationships.

As someone who has tried, and eventually met the perfect person for me through an International online dating service, I know at the beginning it can be so awkward! 🙁 You find this special Ukrainian lady you think could be great for you.

Email a few times and then take that leap to first conversation. Except you don’t really know anything about this person. So unless you have that salesman personality type and can talk to anyone, it’s going to be a little awkward.

conversation with Ukrainian woman

That’s okay though since it’s something that happens to everyone; it doesn’t mean the person on the other end of Skype isn’t right for you.

Some things to remember going into that first conversation are:

Tip #1: Both of you are nervous.

The best way to deal with that is to stop thinking about how nervous you are and focus on how you can make your Ukrainian lady feel less nervous.

Tip #2: Both of you are trying to meet someone for a real commitment.

This changes the dynamic a bit and adds pressure. You feel like you need to show you are everything that the Ukrainian woman would want right away.

Just try to relax and breathe through this. While it is important to show what a great guy you are the best way for the lady from Ukraine to see this is by seeing the real you.

Trust me, start listing off all your good qualities and she’s going to hang up!

Tip #3: Keep it short and sweet and preferably on Skype instead of the phone.

Having the first call on a video chat instead of on the phone means you can see facial expressions and laughter. It also means that when there is the inevitable silence you can see that it’s not cause your beautiful Ukrainian girl is bored, it’s just a natural pause in the conversation.

Let those natural pauses come and go without worrying about them.

woman of ukraine

Tip #4: Language barriers are real and scary for the person trying to surmount them.

Do not forget: English is not her first language! Thus, a lot of the pauses and seeming meekness are probably just from speaking in a second language for the Ukrainian lady. As her confidence grows, these barriers will fade.

The best way to help with this is to be patient, allow the Ukrainian woman to gather her thoughts when needed and always be encouraging.

Try a few of these tips and I bet the right girl from Ukraine for you shows up!

Good luck in your search! 😉



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