How to clear 2 common doubts in Ukrainian online dating

Dear friends,

Dating a single Ukrainian or Russian woman for marriage online is an exciting and unique experience. While you are having the time of your life getting to know this special woman you may encounter situations that give you doubts. Most of the time there is no need to be concerned and there is a reasonable, simple explanation for those situations that will quickly clear any doubts you have.

Doubt #1: refusal to give her address

A common concern or doubt that Western men may have when dating a beautiful Ukrainian or Russian lady online is if she is being genuine in her communication with you. One way that causes many Western men to feel this way is if the Ukrainian or Russian woman they are dating online is reluctant to give the man her address.

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This happens quite often and is not immediately cause for concern. There are several reasons this may happen to you. Perhaps the Ukrainian woman looking for a man online is taking her time and is using caution. She may secretly have reservations sharing her address because she is concerned about her safety.

There is so much heard these days about crime and things of that sort that it is only natural anyone would be cautious. That is not a bad thing. I know this is frustrating but allow her to feel secure before she gives you her address. Assure her you understand why she feels the ways she does and you will wait until she is ready to share it with you.

The Ukrainian lady looking for a man abroad through online dating sites may also have made past mistakes in giving her address out to men who weren’t good to her. She may be afraid because of how she has been hurt. In my opinion, it is best wait and reassure her by both word and action that you are different. With your understanding and patience the Ukrainian woman will soon be ready to share the address with you.

Doubt #2: (supposedly) wrong phone number Western men have been given

Another common doubt Western men may have when dating a beautiful Ukrainian or Russian lady online is if the phone number they have been given to reach her doesn’t seem to exist. In this case, technicalities in placing the call are often to blame.

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Recheck the number to make sure it is correct. If it is a landline, make sure you are dialing 0038043 before you dial the seven digit phone number. There could be a problem with the leading zeros or another technical issue.

It is your decision if you want to deal with these situations. Many times men are happier because they did.

Good luck in your Ukrainian dating adventure! 😉



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1 Response

  1. Lars says:

    I just want to comment a bit regarding all the fuzz about the scamming going on with the dating sites. After trying out some online dating sites I must say that a lot of them are built to maximize profit and not so much to make it easy to find a partner.

    But i usually dont see any obvious scamming going on, at least not more then there is in real life, out there. Crooks are everywhere, anyway.

    The U/R dating sites belongs to the old type of social media that in many ways are overun by new technology in other areas. They can survive this thanks to a few reasons:

    – The western men using the dates are not to tech savy, usually 40+.
    – The Ukrainian woman does not either have the tech skills or access to laptops and smartphones providing other social media communication.
    – The language barrier makes it impossible to communicate directly without the agents/ translators help.

    This opens up for different business opportunities and some of the agents are trying to make quick money, with false profiles, fake emails etc.

    IMO this hurts the women as much as the men, and the agents maybe make money short term but never in the long run. I am sure that a lot of Ukrainian woman with good intentions has been misused by agents and actually lost out good opportunities with men thanks to creepy agents.

    The scamming going on is still not worse then what you can see daily in my Mediterranean home town, where lots of tourists come to visit. I can see them drunk in the city and on the metro and can nearly tell who are going to ripped off tonight, in bars, clubs and in the street by more or less savy girls and other professionals.

    Maybe you can say that the feelings are hurt worse when someone on a dating site didnt turn out to be what they thought, but what about the partners you meet in bars etc, do they always turn out to be what you thought?

    My point is that there is for sure a lot of junk on the dating sites, but it is not worse then what you confront in daily life, its just that the perception is that the dating sites has to be “clean” or they are all scam sites.

    I think one just has to use common sense and be prepared to take a few blows before finding right.

    And of course, if you are serious about a Ukrainian / Russian wife, learn the language! It is not that hard… It just takes some time and effort. I do speak a few languages so I probably was helped by that when I studied Russian but my experience is that it was great fun to learn and I have learned to know a lot of new people thanks to my studies.

    I think that if you just have the same attitude towards the online dating as the “normal life” dating, it can turn out Ok. Also the stupid comments that if “it seems to good to be true, it most likely is”, yes – if a prince from Nigeria want to give you 5 million USD “no hooks attached”, but not necessarily because a nice Ukrainian girl answers you letter… Still use common sense, if you are 50, maybe the 22 year old beauty isn’t for you, even if she answers your letter nicely. I have seen a lot of 35+ very nice Ukrainian ladies out there…

    I was lucky to meet a great woman early in my search and we just have fun communicating, if it will turn into something we for sure cant tell before we actually meet… We both know that, but it is still great fun to communicate and send photos between us, and we agreed that if we don’t hook up, we will for sure stay friends… And that is a very good beginning in a relationship.

    Its important to stress that this is not any longer a question of mail order brides, this is online cyber dating, with a language and culture barrier. Just get over that barrier and it is great fun. Don’t let any screwy agents or sleezy “dating tour guides” take the fun out of exploring something new and fun that for sure can change your life.


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