How to take your conversation to the next level with a Ukrainian woman

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You’ve met a great Ukrainian woman for marriage that you want to take the next step with, but how do you proceed? Many Western men communicating with a special Ukrainian lady online are wondering how long they wait. Should she want to develop your relationship away from this dating site?

It is difficult to judge when it’s time to move take your conversation with a compatible Ukrainian woman from the dating site you’re using to another venue. I know how much monthly fees and add-on charges can add up during the course of searching, making contact and getting to the point of meeting.

Messages and chatting on International dating sites can cost quite a bit of money. It’s understandable that they want to go off the site. A man wants to make sure that the girl in question is in fact who she says she is. I know no one wants to deal with a fake.

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Here 3 simple tips how to develop your online communication with a woman from Ukraine and when you should take the next step in your Ukrainian dating adventure:

(1). The best time for the next level in the Ukrainian online dating

A good rule of thumb to follow is after 5 messages, ask for a Skype, ICQ or other off-site address. After five messages, you should have an idea where you’re heading and if she’s interested, then it’s a good time to move on to the next step.

I can say that after a few months using these sites, the Western men conclude that they shouldn’t have to continue using them once they connected with a Ukrainian woman and she indicated she would like to explore it further. After exchanging about five messages, it is usually enough to talk about moving the conversation to another more convenient and less expensive option.

(2). ask the Ukrainian woman for her Skype account

Don’t worry about saying it’s too much to ask. I know, if you asked about her sexual history or for her address in Russia, that might be a bit too personal. But a Skype account is one way you get to know someone and it’s not too personal.

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She probably won’t comfortable with providing you with all of her personal details yet, such as her address or phone number, but this is a good sign that she isn’t desperate. However, there are a number of free alternatives that keep her personal information, and yours, private until you’re both ready to share those details.

Skype, ICQ and Windows Live Messenger are three options. Each of them has real-time text chat, voice and video capabilities. Skype is also a reliable, low-cost VoIP alternative to traditional long distance carriers. It can take a while for you both to decide if you want an exclusive relationship with each other and it shouldn’t have to cost a lot of money.

(3). Communication with other men

It’s okay if she’s communicating with other men from the site before you establish a relationship. She’s probably deciding who’s the best match. But if you both agree to a relationship and she’s talking to another guy, that is a problem. In my opinion, you want to be extremely careful in that case. She’s probably playing you and trying to get money.

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