The process of Ukrainian online dating (in 5 simple graphs)

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In Ukraine, we say an interesting picture say 1000 words. So I decided to create multiple graphs on the process of development of Ukrainian (online) dating. Why? Because every week, I get emails from my readers with many questions, namely: how to start the process of Ukrainian online dating, how to choose the right dating agency, how to find a woman through an online dating site, or how to communicate with her. Questions after questions….

Thus, I hope that my simple graphs help you to understand better this little bit complicated process (especially for newbies).

Graph #1 (before starting): Three basic questions you should ask yourselves before starting the process of Ukrainian online dating:

ukraine dating

That means you must be sure that you will find time, patience and financial means in order to find a suitable dating service, look for a woman through this service, communicate with the woman, learn more about Ukrainian culture, mentality and society. Furthermore, you must be sure to be mature for dealing with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian-Western relationship and marriage.

Graph #2: Selecting the right Ukrainian dating agency or site:

ukraine dating site

Graph #3: Searching for the right Ukrainian woman through the online dating site:

 search ukraine women

The potential flags in the process of Ukrainian online dating:

  • Red Flag #1: too big age difference
  • Red Flag #2: weak anti-scam system on your Ukrainian dating site
  • Red Flag #3: falling in love – too fast, too furious
  • Red Flag #4: you are my Mr. Right
  • Red Flag #5: exaggerated literary picture of your future together
  • Red Flag #6: nude or revealing photos

You can read the whole article here:

From my experience, I have to mention that the Ukrainian dating adventure fails cause of false and non-realistic expectations of Western Men and Ukrainian Women in International online dating. Of course, this leads to disappointment. The problem is that a Western man looking for a Ukrainian woman online tends to fantasize about having the perfect wife. He wants someone who is pretty and loyal. He envisions someone who is smart, sweet, and fluent in English. Often he desires an ideal homemaker who both already understands what it is like to live in the West and who will make his home a heavenly sanctuary. A Western man also tends to falsely expect that his potential partner will trust him completely right away, and share all of her deepest thoughts and emotions with him. My advice is that be realistic in your expectations because nobody is perfect. You are not, as well.

Graph #4: Online communication with a Ukrainian woman:

woman from ukraine

Graph #5: Relationship and marriage with a Ukrainian woman:

in my opinion, this phase is the most difficult but also the happiest of the Ukrainian online dating process.

relationship with a Ukraine woman

As you can see, I have depicted the process of Ukrainian online dating in five (very) simple graphs. You can argue that everything is clear without my pictures and every Western man knows how to start and develop Ukrainian dating. First, if everything was clear no one would have sent messages with questions to me. Secondly, I am confident that these graphs will provide you a good orientation in the organization and planning of your Ukrainian dating process.

In conclusion, here is the abstract of all my 5 graphics of the Ukrainian dating process:

Ukrainian dating

Good luck! 😉



Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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