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I have met online an attractive, smart, sincere 31 yr Old Ukrainian women from Cherkasy who is kind, wonderful and honest. We have exchanged personal e-mails, home telephone numbers, dated pictures, information about interests, etc. and we have developed as close a relationship you can develop from online meeting and chats. We have gone into details about our families, our likes and dislikes, what we are looking for, etc. and have talked about meeting. Everything seems extremely above board. She has not asked for one thing from me. I am an America from Texas.

Her English is poor and I’ve been using an electronic converter to get her words promptly into English. She would like to meet me in Kiev with a third party present to assist her in meeting me for first time. First, Is this an usual or unusual request?

Next, in my past I have been to Kiev for business and and had some extremely negative circumstances occur(which I prefer not to go into) so I’m really not anxious going back to Kiev or Ukraine for that manner. I have offered her basically ANY place in the world besides Ukraine and former CIS counties to meet and awaiting her response Am I being unreasonable and are we at a dead end on this meeting subject? Any suggestions?

She has supposedly never traveled except to Russia so she feels very safe and comfortable in the Ukraine. Initially, I thought at 31 she would have had more traveling experience.

Looking forward to your guidance!




Krystyna answers:



Hello Vin,

First I would like to say that I am happy that you found a nice woman from Ukraine whom you wish to meet in person.
This could be a beginning of something special, romantic and beautiful.

And now to your specific question:

I am sorry about your negative experiences in Kiev. I know many foreigners who have gained rather positive experiences with my native country and this I am really wondering that you do not want to come to Ukraine again. Of course, this is understandable that after your negative stay in Ukraine you do not wish to date your woman there. My advice is to think about all possible adventures and disadventures of the possible places for your first meeting in person. And you have two options where you can meet.

Option Nr. 1: Meeting in Europe (e.g. Baltic countries or East-European countries like Poland or Czech republic)


  • Meeting on neutral territory
  • the opportunity for her and for you to see a new country
  • fairly safe countries (EU)
Czech republic

Czech republic


  • The woman can feel uncomfortable in a foreign country (because she has traveled not so much in her life)
  • it would be not easy to find an interpreter who would say Russian and English (you write that her English is poor)
  • You do not the places where your meeting will take place and you have no idea what to see or to do

Option Nr. 2: Meeting in Ukraine


  • the woman can show you her native country, traditions, sights and other nice places
  • she feels comfortable in Kiev (rather in her country)
  • the possibility for you to find out that Ukraine is not a bad country



  • possible negative experiences and circumstances in Ukraine

She would like to meet me in Kiev with a third party present to assist her in meeting me for first time. First, Is this an usual or unusual request?

In my opinion, it is understandable why the woman would like to have a friend to assist her in your first meeting. First, this person can speak English and can help you to communicate in English. Second, not only Western men become a victim of online dating scams, also Ukrainian and Russian women can gain extremely negative experiences with Western men.

Here are some samples:


Your woman can also fear to meet a crazy man who plays online. Shit happens also in online dating 🙁

I would advice you to meet your woman in Ukraine and overcome your fears because if your online communication becomes something serious, you will go to Ukraine rather often (maybe 1-2 times per year). Ukrainian women are very family-oriented and try to visit their parents, sisters and brothers as often as possible. E.g. my sister comes to me ap. 2-3 times per year and I go to Ukraine 1-2 times per year, as well. And my partner has to go to Ukraine, too because it is very important to me – he has to learn more about my native country and customs. In return, I learn about Germany and its culture. I think it is a fair game! 🙂

I hope I could help you!



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