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in my last article, I described the basic information about the Russian and Ukrainian online dating scam you need to know (s. here: This issue is very complicated and you as a user of online dating services need a lot of time and patience to find out the possible red flags in the communication with Russian and Ukrainian ladies.

Today I present you a dating e-book “ANTI-SCAM guide” by Elena Petrova, a famous Russian brides expert and owner of a popular dating site From my experience as a Ukrainian dating blogger, I can tell that I got tons of mails from my readers who are being scammed by “genuine Russian and Ukrainian women for marriage”.

Elena Petrova claims that about 40% of men entering the scene of Russian/Ukrainian-Western online dating get in contact with a scammer at some stage of their search for happiness, thus this anti-scam guide is a MUST for every Western man looking for a foreign bride. Moreover, Elena Petrova points out in her ANTI-SCAM GUIDE, today’s men have a whole different element to worry about online dating scams. They may seek a wife from Russia or other former Soviet countries only to find themselves out hundreds or thousands of dollars, with broken dreams and a broken heart.

anti scam guide

About the author:

Elena Petrova understands the problem and how many, many men are scammed because they are taken in by beautifully written words. Elena knows what she’s talking about when she shares her views on putting together Russians with a mate from another country.

Elena is Russian. She grew up in Russia, but married a western man, one of many who answered her ad for a mate. Though Elena did not find a connection in her home country, she is an educated woman who knew what she wanted. She has a master’s degree in philosophy and has educational and real-world experience in advertising and marketing.

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Elena Petrova

Because of her own successful experience, Elena began a website to provide information to others who wished to find a compatible mate. The website evolved into a service. When she began receiving stories not just of positive results of seeking a Russian mate, but also negative ones, Elena wrote her ebook to keep men from being scammed by those offering Russian mates, but who only wanted money.

What information do you find in this guide?

When explaining the worth of her ebook, the ANTI-SCAM GUIDE, Elena uses a point of reference anyone who uses a computer understands. Who hasn’t dealt with a computer that slows down or completely stops working due to a virus? The virus gets into the computer, causing frustration, time and money. Elena likens the scamming of men seeking mates to a virus. She explains that it is much easier and better to install virus protection before a virus invasion, than to have to deal with the consequences of a virus. She sees her book, the ANTI-SCAM GUIDE. as virus protection for men seeking Russian mates.

Since Elena became involved in matching western men with Russian wives, businesses whose only purpose is to scam the innocent with visions of lovely Russian wives have become rampant. It is difficult for the average person seeking a mate to know whether or not the service he is contacting is legitimate or a scam that will leave him poorer and untrusting of trying again. In fact, in her experience, Elena estimates that at least 40% of men seeking Russian mates end up in contact with a scammer.

anti scam guide

Elena, in her book the ANTI-SCAM GUIDE, steers readers away from scam artists by explaining what to look for and what to avoid. The ANTI-SCAM GUIDE is the definitive guide for men seeking wives from Russia and other Soviet countries. Elena is on the cutting edge of the business and shares with men what they need to know to separate the legitimate services from the scammers.

The ANTI-SCAM GUIDE explains how scammers work and reveals both typical and not-so-typical scamming scenarios. This provides a heads-up for any man already checking out different foreign dating services. This also helps men extricate themselves from a situation that might well be a scam before their pocketbook and their heart is engaged. The ANTI-SCAM GUIDE shows men how to know if the women with whom they are in contact are sincere and “the real deal” and not part of a scam.

The book explains how stay in contact without upfront money to either the woman or a dating agency. The ANTI-SCAM GUIDE is filled with information that assists men to communicate clearly with a woman from another country and culture how to deal with relationship issues.

The book is a must for men interested in a foreign bride.

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