August 24th Is The Day Of Independence In Ukraine

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Independence Day in Ukraine is August 24th. Independence Day is twice as exciting for the people of Ukraine because they haven’t really had their independence that long of a time period, only since August 21, 1991.

Many people that live in Ukraine have very vivid memories of the time their country was part of the U.S.S.R. and therefore are very grateful for their independence and want to go all out in celebrating.

Independence Day in Ukraine

Independence Day in Ukraine is celebrated similar in some ways Americans celebrate their independence. Fireworks shows are a very big to do and are not to be missed. Businesses and schools are closed to allow people to be at liberty to celebrate with their families and loved ones. Flags fly high at both businesses and homes to show pride in their country.

There are parades to watch which children in particularly tend to enjoy. The parades are a very important part of the day and include music, singing, dancing, military displays and performances. Interesting speeches are given. Many people dress up in for the occasion. Jets will fly over to the amazement of all.

Independence Day

Art shows are often open for showings at this time for people to take advantage of on their day off. Teenagers and young adults love the concerts that are held on Independence Day. There are fairs to attend and other festive events to take advantage of.

Many cities hold large celebrations. Independence Day in Ukraine is also a day many people shop at the open markets throughout the country where you can buy a various selection of merchandise. You can purchase food wares, clothing, music or souvenirs.

Day Of Independence In Ukraine

Of course, like any holiday celebration food is an important part of Independence Day in Ukraine. Wherever people gather for fun and fellowship is sure to have food involved as well. Some popular dishes you might be served in Ukraine on Independence Day would include Potato Varenyky which are Potato Dumplings or Holubtsi which is Cabbage Rolls. You might be served Makiwnyk Cake with Makiwnyk Glaze which is Poppy Seed Cake with a Poppy Seed Glaze for desert.

Independence Day in Ukraine is celebrated to the fullest. 🙂



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