Ukrainian dating dressing standards: Tips on how to impress a Ukrainian woman

Hi Krystyna,

First I would like to say I love the blog you write. It helps very much in trying to understand the traditions and culture of your native country. I have been to Ukraine several times and like it there much. The people are friendly, the sites are plentiful, and the food absolutely great.

The question I have for you concerns how to dress. I am planning a trip to Nickolaev to meet a lady who I have been in correspondence with for a number of months. I will be arriving the first of September and understand that the weather will still be warm. We have talked about doing a number of things and one is going to the beach. We both love water and with her daughter I feel it would be a fun time for all of us. In this part of the country how does one dress. I know I will probably take with me some clothing of a business casual nature, but as to the rest I have a question. I know jeans are exceptable everwhere, but do people wear shorts as well?

This is our first actual meeting and I do want to dress to impress and be sure to make this beautiful lady comfortable with me and my appearance. Oh, and when I say beautiful lady, I do not only mean so in appearance, but she has such a wonderful personality as well. It is an inward beauty that comes spilling out that I most enjoy.

Any help would be most appreciated.




Krystyna answers:



Hi John,

First, I would like to say thank you very much to you for your nice words about my blog and my native country!!!!
Your words really motivate me to develop my site further and write many interesting articles about traditions and dating in Ukraine.
It is really important to me to get feedback from my readers!!!!

Now to your question:

What Exactly Is The Dress Code In Ukrainian Dating?

If you wish to impress a nice Ukrainian girl on your first date and meeting in person, then there are a couple very simple things you should learn. Ukrainian women have the tendency to lose their interest in a guy when they aren’t dressed properly. That is why if you want to have a relationship or marriage with a Ukrainian woman, you will need to know the fundamentals of what to wear on a first date.

The proper dress code that you should follow is the simple look. Do not under or over dress, as it can be quite a turn off. Wear normal clothes like jeans, a decent polo shirt and shoes.

Avoid wearing stinky or dirty clothes, as Ukrainian women find that to be quite repulsive. You don’t really need to dress up like a fashionista, but you need to look elegant and decent.

If you really want to impress the Ukrainian girl, you could incorporate a bit of the traditional Ukrainian clothes into your outfit (it is not a must have, just suggestion).

The way you dress can really make a Ukrainian girl more interested in you. If you want a good first date with a Ukrainian woman, then you must consider to dress your best.

Here two pictures with men’s casual fashion tips which can be suitable for the first date with a Ukrainian woman:

fashion for men

male fashion

I hope I could help you!

I wish you a lot of luck in your Ukrainian dating adventure!



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  1. Ali says:

    Hi krystyna

    Recently i met a girl in Beijing on a modeling show, i got to know her on backstage,and we talked like normal friends,and everytime she saw me, she made some funny expressions,and I am really into this girl,i got her number though but i dont know how to talk with her by message,i want to ask her out but i am afraid of rejection,please tell me what can i do?

    this is the first time i met any girl from ukraine ,she is really cure and sweet girl,but i think she dont really like texting,as she sometimes dont reply,she is studying in a university near by my university, your advise on this matter will be very useful) thank u))

  2. Ken says:

    Dating a ukrainina girl with a Jewish heritage..

    Any tips

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