6 types of Russian and Ukrainian women you should date

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my article “6 types of Russian and Ukrainian women you should date” is ready! It was not very easy to write this post, thus I spent a lot of time on it. But now I hope you will enjoy the post and learn the types of women from Ukraine and also from Russia you should date. In the article “12 types of Ukrainian and Russian women you should not date” we have discussed that some Russian and Ukrainian women you do not want to date because they are a major pain, and could even cost you thousands of dollars if you run into the wrong woman who wants to do damage.

The today’s article presents you that some Russian and Ukrainian women do not deserve that label and it is possible to find Russian and Ukrainian women who are the cream of the crop. You just have to know what to look for.

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Here are 6 types of Russian women that you should date:

  • Type 1 – Miss Anti-Feminist

This is my personal favorite because something about feminism has always rubbed me the wrong way. It is funny how they call it feminism but it is designed to give females a less feminine mindset and to make them hateful towards the male persuasion. Miss Anti-Feminist is a good woman because she will be there for you when you need her. The best part is that she hates feminism, so you will not have to put up with her muttering nonsense.

You can identify this woman by how submissive she is. She knows how to be a real woman.

  • Type 2 – Miss Give

This is the exact opposite of Miss Take. This woman is going to give you things, so you know that she is not just after your money. This woman can be hard to spot until she is dating you, but if you run into Miss Give you will be pleased.

This is a good Russian and Ukrainian woman to have because when you need something she is going to get it for you. One method that you can find for safely identifying and avoiding Miss Take is when you pull out your wallet, you can watch her reaction to your wallet. Like if she shows no interest, then she does not just want your money. However, if she seems like she is doing math in her head as you can take out my wallet, then you know she is a gold digger.

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  • Type 3 – Miss Direct

Tired of guess work? Women tend to be more subtle than men, so when you find a Russian and Ukrainian woman who is direct lock her down! This woman is going to directly communicate to you that she wants a relationship with you. She is not going to play high school mind games when it comes to relationships. This woman is identifiable by the fact that she will be direct with you that she wants a relationship.

However, beware of her getting too demanding and telling you what to do all the time. This woman can turn bossy later on, and you do not want a woman with that mindset because they tend to be feminists or Miss Bitches. You want her Direct, but you do not want Miss Bossy-boss.

  • Type 4 – Miss Kindness

This is another loved Russian and Ukrainian woman of many men. She is not going to explode on you unexpectedly, and she will not be hateful towards you or anyone else for that matter. This is a good woman because she brings a lot of positivity into your life which will bring your mood up. Miss Kindness also pays you compliments sometimes which is great for men who have a low self esteem. In my opinion, this Russian and Ukrainian woman deserves a good man.

  • Type 5 – Miss Secure

Miss Secure is the type of Russian and Ukrainian woman who will not be calling you 10 times a day to ask you stupid questions. She is secure in herself, so she will not get jealous if you have a night out with the guys. This is a good woman because you can go places without having to worry about her blaming you for something when you get back.

  • Type 6 – Miss Non-Bitch

Miss Non-Bitch is the exact opposite of Miss Bitch. She is fun to be around. She treats men with respect and is concerned if she hurts other people. You can identify Miss Non-Bitch by the smile on her face and her caring demeanor. Unlike Miss Bitch, she is usually a happy go lucky woman, and this in itself can help to elevate your own mood.

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Miss Non-Bitch is also the type of woman who will pay you compliments. She is similar to Miss Kindness only Miss Non-Bitch is more likely to get angry. However, she will not usually get angry about things that are unjustified.

When you are looking for six types of Russian and Ukrainian women for marriage who are top notch women, you should give serious consideration to some of these Russian and Ukrainian ladies. They deserve good men because they are good women who treat other people with respect and kindness. They are not selfish and all about themselves, which makes them the ideal woman to settle down with, and a great woman to date if nothing else.

I believe these types of Russian and Ukrainian women will spend their time making you happy. 🙂



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  1. missright says:

    Very strange classification of Russian women…. sounds like GUYS, LOOK FOR CONVENIENT WOMEN for yourselves! Miss Give, submissive woman, Miss Non-Bitch….. Russian women wouldn’t be happy about this terminology as well as being put into a primitive classification like that. Sorry, but there’s a lot more about Russian women than that and if some guys can’t become a bit more complicated then, please, don’t expect Russian women to become that simple just to please them.

  2. Ken says:

    All six of these fall under the category of Miss White Unicorn. They do not exist.

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