Is there a real chance for a relationship between a city girl & a cow boy?

Hi Krystyna,

I would just like to thank you for taking time to help us all and I feel you are very honest in your research.
I live in the country and I have read that it is best to stay away from girls from the big city.

I have met a girl and been talking to her and I have been honest with her and sent pictures of where I live and how I live. She is from Kiev and says she loves horses and riding but to be honest country life is sometimes very long and hard work.

What do you recommend on in a situation like this? Any help or thoughts are very appreciative and also I read your article about dress to impress. Well……

I only dress one way and that is in wranglers nice western shirt, boots and a cowboy hat. I do not feel that impressing my girl wearing something that is not me would be dishonest. I want her to love me for who I am and not give her any presumptions on who I am not. Will I be alright?

Thank you ,



Krystyna answers:



Hi David,

In understand you saying that if you are a cowboy working out on the ranch or outside the city limits on a sprawling farm, you might wonder if there is any chance a big city girl from Ukraine will ever come your way.

It’s not like there are clubs out to pasture. Is there any chance that a Ukrainian girl from Kiev would ever make a life with you?

The answer is simple! I can tell you from personal experience that this is an absolute possibility. This might sound like it comes from a chick flick or a romance novel, but it’s true. I was a city girl (I am from Kiev, too) and never knew anything else. I was lost in a sea of people, in a life that was so fast-paced, my head was spinning. But today I live in a very small town (only 12,000 people live there) near to Frankfurt and I am very happy with this life.

I think it is not very difficult for a Ukrainian woman  in love to leave the big city life behind. It is not necessary to the job for example and it is possible today to work to start a home office. It is not always easy. But in a cross-cultural relationship the people have to make compromises.

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Open communication is a big part of what makes it work. You should learning from each other. For a relationship and for a Ukrainian woman it has not matter if the man is from country or big city. The most important thing to he is that big heart and strong back can weather any storm.

Impress your girl not with clothing, but with your actions, feelings and love! 🙂



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2 Responses

  1. Rick says:


    I have to weigh in here. I think you are wise in recognizing that country living is hard and sometimes lonely, and for a woman from Kiev, it is likely hard to imagine the extent to which that is true. I think that the biggest thing you will be fighting is the sense of isolation. I don’t know that it means that it is impossible, but it is just one more hurdle to get over.

    If it works out well, and you find that you are a really good match, then by all means take a chance, but be prepared.

    I often think that we all need a sense of purpose. Much more than we need to be “happy” all the time. We need the underlying satisfaction that comes from knowing where we fit in the context of life. So if you are going to take a woman out to the country…take the time to show her why it is special to you, and how her contribution improves both your lives. I doubt it will be easy. It will be lonely for her, so you have to make the rewards for being there outshine the challenges of living in the country.

    She will almost certainly need a lot of your time and attention. And for both your sakes, you should probably decide ahead of time whether or not you can afford to spare that time.

    Good luck!


  2. Hey Krystyna,

    i just stumbled up on your Blog and i have to say i really like the Way you approach things, and its also very informativ to read about the Dating Life in Ukraine and Russia. I hope you keep posting more quality Informations about that, i will always come back and read about it.


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