Ukrainian / Russian dating dilemma: No language, no relationship?

Hello Krystyna,

I am planning on going to meet a woman from Ukraine she speaks little to know Englsih, do you think that this will matter much in the two of us being able to establish a loving realationship? Do you know how many successful marriages start this way?

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Krystyna answers:



Intercultural relationships are not easy. They are tons of fun, super exciting and the most romantic thing in the world, but easy? Not a chance. There are myriad barriers to intercultural relationships and the hardest to overcome are language and communication issues. Fortunately, there are ways around those issues.

Educate yourself

If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times. Educate yourself. Learning about your loved ones culture, language and traditions not only helps to break the language barriers but also cultural barriers. Familiarize yourself with how she grew up, her religion and the folklore of her native land to understand where she’s coming from and why she does the things she does. A deeper understanding of her heritage leads to a deeper understanding of her.

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Start Small

Put first things first. Memorize the most important things you want to say to her in her own language. Words and phrases that you use every day is the best place to start. Learn to say things like “I love you”, “I miss you”, “how are you” and other pertinent phrases not only makes communicating a little easier but conveys your genuine interest in forming a lasting bond with her.


Use free translation software readily available online to help learn the basics of her language and then go from there. Consider getting a translator to help you learn the language. Many are more economical that you’d think. Use language dictionaries to pick up new words and phrases and learn to put them to proper use in conversation.

Work Together

Help her to learn your language as well. Teach her simple words and phrases so that she is able to communicate with you when she really needs to. Showing her a few words in your language helps her to feel closer to you.



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  1. nathan adams says:

    From my personal experience and a close friends. The language difference might be a mountain you may never be able to climb. If she speaks English or you speak Russian, the odds of your success just went up by 50%. Who really wants to spend $100-$140 dollars each day for another person to translate for you.

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