Ukrainian-Western dating: 8 reasons for divorce and marriage breakdowns (part 1)

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Unfortunately, modern (intercultural) marriages are becoming more fragile and break at the slightest problems and challenges. According to statistics, about half of the marriages in the United States and about one-third of marriages in the UK end in divorce. In Ukraine, 58 from 100 marriages break up.

Moreover, according to the results of recent studies, the divorce rate of intercultural marriages concluded with the assistance of Internet dating sites has recently increased to 80%!!!

The main factors leading to the end of international marriages can be divided into the following categories:

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1. The same reasons why Ukrainian-Ukrainian marriages break up:

Money is the first reason for divorce

A clearheaded understanding of what is happening comes after the first few months of married life and many couples are beginning to notice and to enter “in fighting” with each other because of the nature of the expenses and the issues of the family budget;


In fact, monogamy is exactly what most people expect from your partner in a relationship and marriage. Unfaithfulness (whether it’s a one-night stand or a long affair) does not pass without a trace and can greatly hurt your partner. Thus, most marriages simply break up because of unfaithfulness.

My question is whether an affair or one-night stand is worth it? My colleague had a great family with two children and husband a year ago. The cheating husband made a huge mistake, namely: he went to a brothel and paid his visit with the family credit card. Of course, she found out that. The result of his fun was the divorce and the family split up. Sadly! 🙁

Lack of communication

Today, our life is rushing at breakneck speed, leaving us no time to communicate with each other. Unanswered questions, undisclosed thoughts and feelings may lead to aggression sooner or later.

In addition, people neglect the opportunity to talk about their own expectations and their partner’s expectations for (intercultural) marriage.


And as you know, couples who have conflicting expectations usually experience more problems in their relationship and most marriages quickly break up.

Other reasons for divorce and marriage breakdowns may be following:

  • Alcoholism;
  • Physical, emotional and sexual abuse;
  • The lack of attention by the partner;
  • The incompatibility of the levels of intelligence and personality;
  • The major differences between personal and career goals;
  • Sexual incompatibility and sexual problems;
  • Religious beliefs, different cultures and ways of life;
  • Difference of views and approaches to the issue of birth and upbringing of children;
  • Inability to understand the soul and personality of the partner
  • Lack of maturity;
  • A significant age difference.

2. The lack of reciprocity between a Ukrainian woman and a Western man

The lack of reciprocity between a Ukrainian woman and a Western man may lead to the unbearable problems that destroy a relationship. If a Ukrainian woman is going to get married to a foreigner, she often comes to a standstill trying to figure out whether this is a true personal attraction and mutual interest, or the desire to complete the required mission, namely: moving to a more developed country and start a new life with a suitable partner.

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3.Language barriers

Love is communication. Life is communication.

Lack of knowledge of the language may lead to many problems and aggression. It can happen that the woman becomes tired of learning the new language and gets no desire to deal with the long-term language barriers.

To be continued…



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