Video chatting is a necessary thing in Ukrainian/Russian online dating or not?


I found your site and think you could offer some welcome advice.

I have a question regarding video chatting. I was recently informed by a friend of a scam in which women are paid to chat with a man and get a commission for doing so. In particular this friend told me that these women are paid to sit in front of the camera and smile and nod while another person is actually doing the chatting. With video editing software they can even make it appear that the woman is actually listening to you but in fact she is not even there.

They know this because they actually worked with some one who runs one of the businesses that use these techniques.

I wanted to know if there is a way to tell you are actually video chatting with some one who is just getting a commission or really wants to chat with me.

Secondly, I have followed many of the guidelines stated in your blogs. I have been chatting with a woman for three months. We seem to have a lot in common. I have taken things slowly and told her that due to work and other commitments I will not be able to visit until the spring next year. She said that is ok as long as we keep chatting.

Considering my friend’s experience I don’t know what to do. It is expensive to continue chatting and I don’t want to be “scammed”.

Thanks for your help.



Krystyna answers:



Hello Mike,

In my opinion, video chatting is an important part of developing a relationship when using any form of dating website; particularly when attempting to develop a relationship with a Ukrainian woman. Unfortunately, many dating sites for Russian & Ukrainian women are as likely to be scams as they are genuine.

Amongst the large number of genuine dating websites designed for western men to find a relationship some of the sites that attempt to defraud men do so through premium online chat services. Some sites designed to fleece money from western men can charge around $6 per minute to talk to Russian & Ukrainian women. Alongside the high cost of using a dating sites chat service many of the women seen on a video chat are paid to appear and talk to men from Europe and the U.S. Online and newspaper adverts are now common in Russia and Eastern Europe asking for applicants to provide chat services to men.

Read the following experience of one Western man who used video chatting on a Russian online dating site:

However, I recently discovered an article published by, which appears to offer evidence that some agencies actively recruit girls to chat to men and, in turn, offer them a share of the income generated. It is not clear how many agencies pay their girls a commission in Ukraine…but what is evident, is at least a few of the agencies openly advertise for girls to chat to men and offer to pay them for doing so. In other words, no man can ever be certain that the girl he is “chatting” to is simply trying to earn an income through deceit or has genuine intentions.

Ukrainian online dating

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The fact that some agencies now openly advertise in newspapers and on the internet suggests an indifference by the local authorities to crack down on these scams. Moreover, if one man can track down and publish this evidence, then why is it that website controllers who are typically based in the USA, claim to have little or no knowledge of such ‘open’ practices? Perhaps they should be more proactive or diligent?

Another article proves that some dating agencies in Ukraine are looking for the girls in order to pay them for video chatting:

The main agency, in the USA, does nothing. All they do is count money. It is the local office in the Ukraine that is hiring girls. That local office is supplying girls and profiles to ALL these scam agencies. The local agencies (offices) are hiring girls and scamming you. So, when the main agency in the USA tells you that they do not scam and they do not pa girls to chat and write letters, it is, in fact, the truth.

THEY don’t do it themselves. It is their affiliates in Ukraine that do it. But those offices in Ukraine are partners/affiliates of the main agency in the USA. They are one team. They are both scamming you. You can NEVER know if the girl in the profile is writing the letter herself, or if the girl you are video-chatting with is getting paid or looking for love.

In some cases video editing software is used on a piece of filmed video to make it appear the woman is talking to a man; when in effect they have been filmed previously and broadcast to the chat service user. It is difficult to know whether the service you are using is attempting to defraud the chat service user; some ways of attempting to determine the validity of a dating service include the use of personal questions that require a non-generic answer.

Other options for the individual paying for a dating service can include asking a woman to use a free video chat service; if the woman refuses it can be a sign that she is not interested in a relationship.

Despite the many problems with finding a reputable Russian / Ukrainian dating service a large number of men have found lasting relationships using dating sites. Paying for large amounts of premium video chat services should act as a red flag and spark the user to find more reputable relationship assistance.



Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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3 Responses

  1. James says:

    Dear Krystyna,

    I would like to take this opportunity to respond to Mike’s letter.

    1. Do not pay to speak to any woman abroad
    2. Use Skype with Clownfish app for translation.
    3. Only speak to her with the camera on.
    4. Make sure she shows you her surroundings, where she is talking to you from, bedroom, kitchen.
    5. Watch her talk and listen for other family members or children in the background. This is her home, only speak to her from her home, no cafe talks.
    6. If it is to good to be true, get her address and phone number, also ask her where she works with, her work phone number if you wish to know if she is a fraud.
    7. Use common sense, if you are 60 and she is 29, it probably will not work.
    8. Russian women, or Ukraine, are not going to tell you about their past, or, history. They usually believe this is not necessary in my opinion.
    9. Do not be fooled by their charm, they are wonderful people, but can deceive in seconds merely for advancement of their situation. My experience has been positive for the most part, however, “all” of them are beautiful, this can blind you from seeing the truth.
    10. If you find a good one (woman), treat with honor and dignity. She maybe beautiful and lovely, look for inconsistencies in her stories.

    These 10 are only a starting point for a common sense approach to finding your second half or other half. Love them everyday with words and actions.
    They are loyal, and wish to please you. Learn their culture and understand their value system.

    Good luck Mike…

    James from America

    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Dear James,

      thank you for your great advice!
      You have a lot of experience with Ukrainian women! Hopefully, more positive than negative….

      Krystyna 🙂

  2. James says:


    I spoke to many women before I met my lovely wife. I am not bragging, just telling the truth. Many of them were scammers. I trust that many of your readers use common sense.

    Their beauty is uncanny, and many of them are so convincing. I found my real love and could not be happier.

    Good luck to all…

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