Four reasons why some Western men can’t find a Russian & Ukrainian woman

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daily, we hear and read on different Russian and Ukrainian online dating sites, “If you are a person who approaches dating with caution, then online dating is the perfect fit. Here, you spend little time looking for that princess charming. It saves you the cost of investing your feelings fully before knowing your partner deeply. Online dating can also come to your rescue when you are shy. Under the protection of a computer, you can relax and interact with your online partner”…

Yes, it is true online dating is without a doubt a revolutionary means of dating. You can meet hundreds of singles from various places worldwide. Of these people, Russian and Ukrainian women have proved to be popular among many Western men. This is due to their beauty, which rears itself through their slimness and pretty faces. Yet, some western men have not been able to hit it off with these women.

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If you belong to this category, there are four simple reasons why Russian and Ukrainian women for marriage never respond to your messages.

Reason #1: no desire & time to learn Russian and Ukrainian culture

For example, you have never taken the time to understand Russian and Ukrainian culture. If you did, you would understand their mentality. You can correct this anomaly by asking her questions about her culture.

Understanding her mentality will alert you on the importance of taking the relationship slowly at her pace.

Reason #2: your arrogance

It is also detrimental for you to show arrogance towards a Russian and Ukrainian lady. In my opinion, this turns them off and displays a negative impression of a Western man.

Normally, Russian and Ukrainian women think of Western men as gentle, caring and loving. By displaying your arrogance, you would have effectively blown your chances of ever hooking up with her.

Reason #3: if you think that Russian and Ukrainian women are stupid

Some western men also make the grave mistake of thinking of Russian or Ukrainian women as stupid. On the contrary, their beauty belies an intelligent brain that thinks about the future. This is exhibited by the fact that most of them enter into marriages because of love.

They value the importance of family and are able to analyze the qualities of western men. Such actions are not products of stupid people—perceiving them to be stupid makes them think lowly of you.

Reason #4: you are looking for a model-princess-perfect woman from Ukraine

You could be missing out on Russian and Ukrainian women because you set your standards too high. You want a dream girl in a Russian and Ukrainian lady. The reality is that they are normal women who have their good and bad sides.

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Your failure to embrace this fact convinces them that you are not the one to love. Most Russian and Ukrainian women set their standards to the appropriate levels. This requires that you also set your standards to that level.

What to do and how to improve your chance to find a woman from Ukraine or Russia for life?

The good news is that there is a solution to your predicament.

  1. For starters, you must work on your online profile. This includes adding a tinge of gentleness on the profile descriptions. You can also add photos that depict you in a gentle and caring sense.
  2. You must also be realistic on why you want to date a Russian or Ukrainian lady.
  3. Successful online dating will also accrue when you figure out the reasons why Russian or Ukrainian women don’t reply to your messages. Maybe it is the words that you use or your language could be complicated for her. Take some time and learn about Russian/Ukrainian women and culture. You can scour magazines and blogs for this information.

I recommend you the following blogs and magazines for learning more us, Russian and Ukrainian ladies:

When you have undertaken these tasks, you will be the ideal western man that the Russian and Ukrainian ladies desire.



Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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