7 fascinating cultural sights of Lviv

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yes, I love Lviv! This city does not offer to meet beautiful women for marriage, but also to discover the beauty, culture, and historical significance of an old Ukrainian city! Today, I would like to present you 7 fascinating cultural sights of Lviv. Enjoy! 🙂

The cultural aspects of the city are similar to a European Union style street cafe essence. Lviv has become progressive though, establishing its own personality. Named as the city of lions, it has numerous reminders of lions in the forms of architecture and decorative creations. Two dynamic aspects of the cities culture are the museums and churches.

The Lviv Glass Museum

The Lviv Glass Museum is a favorite destination for Ukraine visitors, offerings a rich variety of stained glass examples. Other numerous creations of glass, such as artistic creations and everyday useful items are featured.

The Solomiya Krushelnytska Museum

The Solomiya Krushelnytska Museum features the life of this World renowned Ukrainian opera star of the early 1900s. This Museum in Lviv was established in 1991. The museum exposition is located on the second floor in 23 Krushelnytska Street. The Museum archive collection contains not only the archive materials of S.Krushelnytska, but also original commemorations related to other famous Ukrainian musical figures.

The Solomiya Krushelnytska Museum

The Ivan Franko Literary Memorial Museum

The Ivan Franko Literary Memorial Museum in Lviv traces the life of one of the most famous public figures in Ukraine. Ivan Franko was a writer, an interpreter (he knew 14 languages!!!), a scientist, a publicist, a public political figure as well as a man of encyclopedic knowledge.

The Ivan Franko Literary Memorial Museum

These three notable museums are certain to interest visitors to Lviv. Of equal interest to visitors are the stately churches of the city.

The St. George Cathedral

The St. George Cathedral is a spectacular example of old world architecture. This structure is actually the second church built, replacing the original church built in the 12th century.  It is a baroque-rococo cathedral. The St. George Cathedral was constructed between 1744 and 1760 on a hill overlooking the city.

St. George's Cathedral

This is the third manifestation of a church to inhabit the site since the 13th century, and its prominence has frequently made it a target for invaders and vandals. During 19th and 20th centuries, the cathedral served as the mother church of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

The St. Yura’s Cathedral

St. Yura’s Cathedral is a Greek Catholic Baroque style structure in the city. Setting this church apart from others is the fact that it is a wooden church structure. In June 1700, at this place historical unification of Lviv church and Roman was proclaimed. There are other Greek and Roman Catholic style churches in this city of lions. St. Yura’s Cathedral is located on southwest cliff range and dominant in panorama of the city.

The St. Yura’s Cathedral

The St. Yura’s Cathedral Lviv

Saving possibly the best for last, no Lviv tour is complete without visiting its spectacular castles.

The Lviv High Castle

The Lviv High Castle is a great structure built in 1360 that houses underground tunnels and is accessible after climbing 300 steps. It is located in close proximity of the historic centre of Lviv, formerly being surrounded by a fortification wall. The Castle Hill took its name from the High Castle (as opposite to the other, Low Castle), which used to be located on the hill from the 13th century to the late 19th century. The castle was a main defensive fort of the city during its existence.

The Lviv High Castle

The Olesko Castle

Another memorable Lviv castle is Olesko Castle built in the early Middle Ages. Notable to this Old World structure is the double duty it serves as being the Lviv Gallery of the Arts, with over 500 works of art. The Olesko Castle is the oldest building in Western Ukraine, and one of the best-known castles that had been reconstructed from ruin. For over six centuries, the castle has been soaring on a 50-meter (164 feet) high hill, protecting memories of crucial historical events that it had witnessed and participated in.

Olesko Castle

Dear friends, it is easy to see that Lviv is a great destination for travel as well as meeting Ukrainian women for life :).

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