Elections in the Ukraine: Democracy or Dictatorship

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Today I would like to talk about elections in Ukraine and why they are so important to the people there. We Ukrainians hope that the Ukraine today is supposedly without dictatorship or the air of political repression. Democratic parties actively exist in the Ukraine. Moreover, politics have taken on more of a parliamentary role.

Under approved election laws passed in November of 2011, a candidate or candidates can be elected by way of party lists or self-nomination. The authority, however; over presidential, parliamentary and local government elections belongs solely with the Central Election Commission. The Commission is the permanent, independent “collegiate body” of the government of the Ukraine.

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The Central Election Commission of the Ukraine consists of fifteen members who are nominated by the President. Members elect a chairman of the commission from within. The laws set forth by the Commission are observed by all Ukrainian citizens.

This month 225 parliament members will be elected to office. The last Election Day in the Ukraine took place on October 28, 2012. At that time, any Ukrainian citizen who is eighteen years of age or older was allowed to vote. The newly elected parliament members will resume their duties in December.

Was the Ukrainian government always run in a manner of democracy? Not quite. At times it is easy to lose sight of our imminent goals and allow for one particular governing party to gain too much power.

It is the nation’s ability to overcome such obstacles and thus restore the transition of their government from an authoritative rule to a more truly diplomatic opposition that allows for change and development.

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Democracy is defined as; “a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives.” Furthermore; “democracy allows people to participate directly or indirectly through elected representatives in the proposal, development and creation of laws.

Without it, opportunities for the peoples of a nation are quite limited. They have no say in their governing rule and often these case scenarios result in a revolution by the people in an attempt to gain some control of the way they live their lives.

It is very fortunate that many countries of the world who have once been governed under dictatorships, have since began the transition into more democratic policies within their borders.



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