Two fake Russian / Ukrainian dating “facts” from dating blogs

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Marriage means different things for different cultures. No matter what country you’re from, it pays to look at the dating landscape by understanding the people that are going through it. Russian and Ukrainian women for marriage are no different. There are plenty of blogs that offer you tons of “professional” Russian and Ukrainian online dating advice and tips. I read these blogs almost every day in order to learn what is written about us Ukrainian and Russian ladies on the Internet.

Unfortunately, I have to mention that a number of people have tips for Russian and Ukrainian women that don’t necessarily jibe with reality. I disagree especially with two main myths about us, namely: Russian and Ukrainian ladies want the only one thing: marriage; and we do not care about the age difference in the marriage (therefore, we are getting married to much older men Western guys!).

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Recently, I found these two myths in this article “Dating Secrets – 5 Truths Myths about Russian Women Dispelling Russian Bride” on one Russian dating blog:

2. The only thing a Russian woman is marriage. Many women, especially American women, look like a fun activity to go. Russian women see that as a means to an eligible spouse to find.

4. More good news when an older man looking for an attractive young woman Russian women do not care so much about age or appearance, but especially the human heart with her. A Russian woman wants is a man, honest, reliable and friendly.


I guess many Western men looking for a Russian and Ukrainian woman would believe in these “facts and secrets” after reading this post and hope to find a 20 year younger beautiful woman from Ukraine and Russia who wishes only to get married to an older man and spend her life with him. The first sentence of the article is “Here are five facts about Russian women and brides need to know to make the right decision”.

Yes, of course! You can make the right decision reading the false facts about us! In my opinion, in order to understand Russian and Ukrainian women for marriage in the intercultural dating landscape, you need to understand what they’re looking for. You need to understand our culture and our requirements for marriage. Now we are going to discuss these two “secrets” and find out why they have nothing to do with reality.

For one, many will tell you that it’s important to realize that in terms of culture, the main motivation for Russian and Ukrainian women for marriage is to find a quality husband and get married. Many women in other countries, including those in America, are more looking for fun and exciting activity rather than something serious.

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Dating services, bloggers and matchmaking agencies will tell you that Russian and Ukrainian ladies enjoy this also, but see it more as a means to an end in helping them find a quality spouse.

While this is definitely a motivation for single Russian and Ukrainian women, it’s far from the only thing on their priority list. The modern Russian and Ukrainian woman want more than just trophy wife status.

We want to find a quality job or career, want to socialize and meet new people and travel the world. It’s true that family values are huge in a Russian / Ukrainian woman’s culture, but finding a suitable husband is far from the only motivation for Russian and Ukrainian women.

Another fake fact is that older men around the planet have the opportunity to attract Russian and Ukrainian women, because they don’t place value in age or appearances. Instead, they only care about finding a man who is honest, upstanding and friendly.

While these traits are held closely to Russian and Ukrainian women, it’s important to realize that Russian and Ukrainian women do indeed care about differences in age. From my experience, I can tell you that only a few women from Ukraine and Russia look at a 10 to 15 year age difference (like many women in other countries).

We all know that the differences in age call up different life experiences, which make it less likely for a woman to want to forge a serious relationship in those situations. In my opinion, an age gap of about 5 years is more realistic, so this is something to keep in mind.

I recommend you, dear readers, to read my other articles on the differences in age in a cross-cultural relationship:

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Conclusion: Many stereotypes about Russian and Ukrainian women steer people astray in terms of what they’re looking for. It’s important to realize that they have the same motivations as many women in other countries, so you should act accordingly when dealing with these situations. Russian and Ukrainian women need love just like any other group, so open your mind when approaching these women! 🙂



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  1. Javier Vargas says:

    Thank you for your comments, I am a mexican guy, widowed who recived a letter from a buautiful scamer lady and registered in russianbrides and had recived more than 2000 letters and a lot of young girls, but think that is not possible have a great relationship with people of different ages and cultures. So I think got a connection with an ukranian lady 6 years younger than me and maybe we can be a good couple, but have my doubts about the site.

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