Guest Post: International Online Dating: Making It Work!

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today I present you a nice guest post by Nicole Lawson, a staff writer for Nicole found my Ukrainian Dating Blog by searching related topics in Google and was curious if I would accept a “guest post” about International online dating on my blog. “Why not?:)”, I thought. It could be helpful to my readers. Enjoy! 🙂

International Online Dating: Making It Work! by Nicole Lawson

Dating in an online world can be difficult, but what can make it even more difficult is when you start a relationship with an international partner. Thanks to a well-built internet infrastructure and the development of all sorts of chat rooms, dating websites and singles-mingles kind of forums, we are bound to find someone, no matter where we are and where they are. However, this comes backed with a series of issues – the first and most obvious issue is the physical distance.

International online dating

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This poses a number of problems and frustrations that only deepen in time and can create a serious barrier between people that would originally be madly in love with each other. Let’s go through the motions for a little bit – what can one expect when dating online in an international space, and more importantly, how to make it work.

1.) Understanding and Coping With Distance

You met the one, you fell in love, you want to make it work. In an online world, you haven’t yet seen each other, things are becoming more and more stressful and a flight in either direction seems imminent. This is an early stage when you need to work on some serious bonding. When you first meet the one you feel you have fallen in love with via an online service, you will have a couple of shocks (most of the times, if you’re lucky, you won’t, but then again, you can never be too sure).

The problem isn’t that you might not like what you see (although that can be an issue), the problem is that we can’t always be the way we are when we’re online. A couple of our traits come at surface, and we meet the real person, which again, if you’re lucky will be a lot like the online persona. You need to keep an open mind, remember that you’re both in the same situation, that you both might seem a little bit different than expected, and talk about these things.

Remember, you don’t have all the time in the world to talk all these things out, not face-to-face anyway. And if you want to make it work, this is the way to do it.

2.) Make Distance Your Partner Not Your Enemy

Many online international relationships turn to ashes when people start focusing too much on the distance. It’s a large inconvenient – but then again, you can do something to turn it in your favor. For example, imagine that if you save up some money you can easily attempt to go somewhere special every month – a neutral territory that’s comfortable for both of you. Like if you were living in Italy and he or she was living in Luxembourg you could always pick something like Austria, that’s sort of half-way for the both of you. And you’d end up seeing more of the world, together.

Ukrainian online dating

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3.) Don’t Over-complicate Things

We all deal with petty problems, but in this type of situation, if you start hanging on to the smallest things (the bad ones, obviously) you might end up setting fire to something beautiful. And it’s not all that worth it. Prioritize – understand what’s important for the both of you, and stop worrying about the small problems – you already have that big one over both of your heads, it’s just not worth stumbling upon the small ones anyway.

Remember that it’s the way you look at things that changes your mind set and not the other way around.

 This article was contributed by Nicole Lawson @ Best Dating Sites Online, an online resource for dating reviews and advise. Best Dating Sites Online was created to educate readers about online dating so that they can have a better, more informed and risk-free experience. To achieve that goal Best Dating Sites Online give their readers detailed reviews of the top dating sites and advise for having a positive online dating experience.



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