Ladies of Kharkov about their thoughts on “marrying a foreigner” issue

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Michael Mordinson, Manager of the Mordinson marriage agency, sent me a link to a video that Ukrainian news channel “Visti” broadcasted on the 9th October. They had an idea of making a short news report and so they asked a few random ladies on the streets of Kharkov about their thoughts on “marrying a foreigner” issue and then they came to the Mordinson office to ask Michael a few questions.

The most important question they had was about the motivation of the Ukrainian women from Kharkov who join the Mordinson marriage agency. Michael told the “Visti” journalist that for most of the Ukrainian women the goal is creating relationship that will last all their lives and that’s what attracts men from around the world to Mordinson agency. Michael also said it’s a well known fact that some of the most beautiful women in the world live in this country and this is another factor which also attracts Western men.

This video has English subtitles, so the Ukrainian dating blog readers who don’t speak Ukrainian or Russian will still be able to understand the content!

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Video “Ladies of Kharkov about their thoughts on “marrying a foreigner” issue”

Video Transcription

It’s been a long time since the state borders ceased to pose an obstacle in the pursuit of happy family life for the Ukrainian women “Visti” asked Kharkov women if they would be interested in a man from abroad?

If he is from the US- yes”

If we find each other interesting and if we both want to continue learning more and more about each other- then yes

Do you have a candidate?

There are candidates and quite a few. A way to find them for ladies is the marriage agency Mordinson. The agency works with men from Western Europe, Canada, Australia and USA. For the Ukrainian women the safety is provided, a man can only get a woman’s contact details after a personal meeting in Kharkov. Also a man must provide a list of documents which include the criminal record document and proof of a stable financial state. However as the 13 years experience of the agency shows- money isn’t the priority for the Ukrainian women. Ukrainian women are not interested in relationship that will last for a year or two.

Most of the women in Ukraine are interested in relationship that will last all their life. Women in Ukraine are educated, intelligent and at the same time emotional, open, warm hearted. It’s been said so many times that Ukrainian women are the most beautiful in the world, I believe it also plays its role. The women do not pay anything for the services of the agency, the only thing that is required is the desire to get married.

Marina Demyanova, Dmytro Chobatiryov, “Visti”



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  1. Paul says:

    Very interesting point of view from these women. I would be interested in many of them from how they look. Personalities are another story.

    What makes them so attractive? Innocence, desire, point of view, how they dress? Many of them are very attractive. Most of the time, it is the younger ones that please the eye.

    I have seen Russian women but, do not always see the innocence the Ukraine Women seem to possess. They are charming and love life or so it seems.

    I would love to think an older Ukraine Woman would have these qualities. Do you know of any people who have been successful over the age of 55?


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