Charming Date: a legitimate Russian & Ukrainian dating site or not?

Message #1:

Hello Krystyna,

I would appreciate greatly if you would be kind enough to advise me on the dating site: ?
I am considering joining but leary it is a possible scam due to the charges associated with communication.
I have no trouble paying as long as it is a legitimate site.
Please respond at your earliest convenience.

Kind Regards,


Message #2:

Hello beautiful lady.

To the best of your knowledge is Charming Date and China Love a scam, and are they connected?

I am really interested in finding  my soulmate, but there are so many scams out there.

Please help me.



Message #3:


I just left a review about for you. I can’t explain the dangers of this site and I hope you notify your readers. After 6 months I ended up by finding a site that said the girl I was dating for 6 months was in a civil marriage. I told charming date and they sent me these ridiculous passport photos knowing I don’t understand Russian or Ukrainian besides the fact your status is not on a Ukrainian passport.. I have all evidence if you’re curious.

charming date

Here is Brian’s CharmingDate review:

This site is one of the scariest and most expensive out there. Believe me when you enter the world of you have entered a jungle. You pay for everything, the price per email is $8 whether you wanted it or not there is no way to prove you didn’t ask her to send you an email.

That is $8 for the email to her and $8 for the email you write back. they string you along sucking every last cent out of you. I just found out the girl I was with for 6 MONTHS was married.

I let charmingdate know and they showed me some bogus passport picture that said she was single, I had a Ukrainian friend check it out and he said the passport is fake just by how old it was. Charmingdate is the worst of the worst.

STAY AWAY FROM this site- please. I will make it my mission in life to let people know about this site and what they do.

The girls must get a portion of the money they rob from you. Talk about a den of thieves. Krystyna if you have any questions contact me.



Krystyna answers:



From my personal dating experience, I can say that I have never used the services of this dating site. However, I have heard and read some reviews about the CharmingDate services. According to these reviews, a lot of customers are not satisfied with their dating services.

Here are three reviews I found on the Internet:

Review 1:

THIS DATE SITE IS FRAUD OF THE WORST kind it is designed to prevent you from ever making a connection with the lady , the ladies look nothing like their photos they cheat you lot of yur credits and never refund your money. you cannot mmake any kind of personal contact with the lady. I am sure some of the ladies are getting pais to chat with the men and i have good reason to belive that impostures us the pofiles of other ladies to chat and produce revenue for charming date. you would have to be absolutely stupid ta sray on this site. Simply put they are crooks of the worst kind


Review 2: is a sister site to Both of these advertise to be dating sites. The websites promote women men looking to marry with someone from another culture and country. These companies make money when you go to a “chat room” with the lady or when you correspond writing letters. Funny thing is, with ––you can NEVER share personal contact information. NEVER! You can’t exchange phone numbers (their software blocks it!) you can’t share addresses (they won’t send the information from the lady or from you!)

After months on this site and a couple of thousand dollars later it is determined that there is no way to actually meet these ladies. You can’t call personally or exchange addresses! There is no way to communicate WITHOUT the service of the dating agency. And by the way, they tell the women not to do it for their “safety”, because a lot of Americans, “take advantage of other people.” This company has thousands of American members, and as I’ve learned through conversations with different women on the site, a lot of the men that these ladies talk to extensively, just disappear after time!

They disappear because the finally realize that they can NEVER have personal contact with the woman outside of the agency!!! Please help post this to anyone thinking about joining (Ukrainian and Russian dating site). Let me make this clear one last time: Anyone who joins this site will NEVER and I mean NEVER be able to talk in private via phone or letters with the women they are interested in . . . period. I have been a member for months and I’ve spent thousands, it is NEVER NEVER NEVER going to happen!!!


Review 3:

Good Site

Ok well I don’t believe the reviewer before me is actually a member. The site is expensive, for a good communication with someone it can easily cost you 10 times what another dating site such as eharmony or something will charge you, but at the same time if you are looking to marry overseas then you should be able to afford the cost of communication. The women are very beautiful for the most part and they are marriage minded. They are local women that have signed up with a marriage agency.

As for the credits it is not like you create an account and buy some credits and they are gone when you wake up, how it works is when the women want to contact you they have a free cupid note and then you can decide if you want to communicate with them. So it is very rare that the woman would just go straight to sending you an emf mail without any previous contact. The customer service can also be very helpful, a couple of months ago I accidentally clicked on a video and was charged 2 credits, I wrote customer service and they had to pull a couple strings but I did get my 2 credits back.

To sum it up here, yes it is an expensive site so if you are not financially stable then don’t bother because on average I spend around 300.00 a month. Also your first date would be an overseas trip costing upwards of a few grand.. But again if you are not able to afford this then you most likely wouldn’t even be qualified to bring them with you anyways. So if you cant afford these things then don’t toy with yourself or the women. Now it is not a scam these women are real and genuine. Just because it is expensive does not mean it is a scam.


Dear readers, have you gained any experience with Charming Date? Positive or negative? Please share your experience with us! 🙂



Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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30 Responses

  1. Claudio says:

    I went to meet the girl with whom I had correspondence in Odessa. I asked her to provide me accommodation and translator. I spent 60 Euros per day for a single horrible room and Euro 25 per hour for the translator.

    I realized too late that she understood enough English. But she made ​​it clear to me that she was not able to learn English alone. Maybe he wanted me to pay a teacher for her to learn the language before we meet again. I did not accept, but the joke cost me a lot.

    I do not know how to communicate to the site that the woman is not reliable and perhaps the agency. Their names: the woman Galina Balagura and the translator Lera. I do not know more.

  2. tommy t says:

    Avoid charmingdate at all costs. It is full of false profiles and people pretending to be the girl in the profile. I can vouch for this after 18 months scrutiny.

    Went to meet someone and she went “missing” claiming her daughter was ill ! Others have been intimate and then sent me an admirer mail or chat invite as if we have never met !!

    Celebrity and porn star photo’s used on some profiles, FACT, and the site does nothing about this.

    AVOID !!

  3. alain says:

    Charming date are fraud only, most part of the time , you talk whit a translator only , not whit the real lady… for you expand your money only… don t lost money people join another dating site before is too late.

    I was member there for 2 years , i know what i say…

  4. Chris says:

    Bunch of raping thieves, stay away, or you will flush a lot of money down their toilet.

    Be warned!

  5. Josh says: is as fraud as AnastasiaDate or ElenaModels. Its just a business for them, they find girl who are ready to give photos and then they just sell these girls’ photos to you while you don’t get guys that you speak to translators. I understood already long ago that if you really have a wish to find a girl online better choose site where you spend less money. Unless you just want to sponsor the whole dating site. I use right now and I am pretty happy with it. I just pay a monthly fee to the site and this includes already all kinds of chat (audio/video). Its easy in use and I found big amount of nice girls.

    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Hey Josh,

      Thank you for your comment on my blog. I ask your understanding that I removed the link to the dating site for which you do advertising. I publish only honest feedback from my readers, not comments from link builders.


  6. MIKE says:

    Local agencies contract with model girls, they make up their pictures, and they do profile.
    You will never talk to her, you just chat commissioned by an agency pro chatter.

    He is usually a psychologist or psychiatrist will receive training in how to fool the men.
    Most people do not go to Ukraine.

    If a man travels to the Ukraine, the agency asks the model girl to go meet her.
    They teach him a lesson in some specific knowledge of the man.

    The models spend a few hours the man talk, asking for money, gifts, dinner or lunch,taxi.
    Then you will never see him again.

    She gives your phone number, which is not his!

    The money you paid in shares, together with the model daughter, and local agencies and dating sites.
    You pay a lot of hours of chat, email, and they make the money.

    You will never talk to the girl!You’re will talking to the agency pro chatter.
    Most of the dating site so it works in Ukraine.
    Everyone is enriched, you lose your money.

    The model girls having fun in the evening a disco BAR, and you chat with the agency!


  7. jesse says:

    I have been on charmingdate for 3 months and I do not kno the whole truth of the dite being on the site is like being in the wild west . I have met teachers that are working at 11pm their time and I have never meet a teacher at a school till 11pm their tim each night. Their website name Victoria

    Yes they do use models on the site . The site did not screen a letter properly and I used the imiges to fing out dates times and places if the women as she is a international model and the company tells them not to send persional information to us.

    The sites network programs have falts so normal English words or anythi with a number can not be sent . their customer care help says its up to the lady to decide what persional information to give us but I had one lady who said the agancy says they will not let me do it

    In 3 months I have meet a few women and som are really suspicious. At the moment me and the customer care are arguing as their services is poor.

    If I had seen this before i joined it would of saved me alot of tim as money is not an issue.

    My country haz a few sites and its one monthly charge and you can use full use of it and get email addresses pho numbers ect our ones put this one to shame! !!!

    Cheers for reading this jesse

  8. Charles says:


    Similar to the experience. The things described above experienced. Organized crime.
    Take care of boys! I’m a hard guy,I will not go there. Dark folk,and corrupt police officers.
    The consulátus not recommended! Czech, Hungarian, Romanian ok. No problem, have me many friends.

    Many people speak English or German.

    Read Odessa Travel Guide

    this is help you……….

    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Hi Charles,

      thank you for commenting the Ukrainian Dating Blog.

      In part, I agree with you. In Ukraine, there is corruption and organized crime. Like in every country of the world which does not belong to the developed countries.
      But it does not give you the right to say that Ukrainians are dark people. In Ukraine, there are all kinds of people: good and evil, educated and stupid. I do not believe that only smart, kind and beautiful women live in Hungary.



  9. Rob says:


    I can relate to some of the previous comments, I have spent in excess of £800 in a very short space of time, and I AM STILL, NOWHERE NEAR! getting any personal details<all I get and I have asked a few times that they are not allowed and they will be fined, needless to say I FEEL AN IDIOT! I thought this site was safe ! now I JUST FEEL USED!

    thanks for letting me have my say!


  10. gordon says:

    i have just joined charming date site to give it a test following receipt of some emails to join them.

    i have already met my girl from odessa from a different site a few times and noticed that her profile suddenly appeared on charming date. her profile details were taken from a different dating site we both used to exchange email address and phone number.

    i seen her online on charming date site tonight at 22:50 our time in the UK so i bought some credits to go into the chat to speak with her. i asked her some questions which we both knew the answers from when i was last in odessa 3 weeks ago with her. the person who i was communicating with in the chat was 100% not the girl i speak with every day on email and also on the other site. so beware about it whether you are actually speaking with the girl you think you are. my test proved that i was speaking with someone else. i have no idea who.

    as further proof of something not right about the site, the brunette girl you see when you first visit their site, i know her and she didnt know about the site until i shown it to her. she is ok with it because she is hot.

  11. John says:

    Is there a way to find out if a woman is legit on charmingdate? Any way to do this from Ukraine? I have spent just a little and want to find out if the woman is real or not. No big deal either way, just want to know.

  12. Pete says:

    Hi I reckon Charmingdate is probably a scam . I’ve just spent a couple of weeks on there and about 700 quid. It’s actually been quite enjoyable partly because the pictures on there are very pleasant to look at ( whether they are actually pictures of ladies you are ever likely to meet is another matter ) and partly because it was quite good fun trying to figure out if it was a scam or not . See what you think .
    As noted in previous comments here you can’t exchange any contact details with the girls because the computer software will bleep anything out that looks like a phone number or email address . I figured out a way to get my details to the 4 ladies I had been talking to after about a week of conversation with them during which time they had become so friendly with me that I could almost hear marriage bells with all four of them . I was a bit suspicious of this anyway because I ‘ve never found that I was hugely attractive to women before so being treated as if I were Brad Pitt by 4 at once came as something of a surprise .
    A few other things had started to make me suspicious as well so I decided to do some tests . I found out that I could put a classified advertisements in a paper called the Kiev Post online for about £30 so I decided to put one in with my name ,phone and email in and then tell the girls to buy the paper and look for the advertisement in the personal section . ( perhaps not to be recommended as I may well get strange messages from some dodgy Ukrainians for the rest of my life but I suppose it might help to pass the odd long winter evening )
    Anyway this was when my problems with the ladies started . The instructions to buy a paper and read the personal ads until you see my name and details are fairly simple , I would have thought most 5 year olds could do it , and the computer was not blocking any of my messages but all 4 ladies started doing the same thing in exactly the same way ,namely pretending not to understand what I was talking about .
    Of course it could be that they were worried about the dating website getting wind of it or it could be that they are just worried about such personal contact with me but I did advise them to withhold their numbers until they felt happy about it . I also said that I wasn’t expecting them to contact me unless they wanted to but I had no joy in even convincing them to buy the paper .
    I suppose that they may have bought one when they were sure no one would know but so far at least none of them have tried to contact me .
    Am I being unrealistic to expect this from a Ukrainian woman Krystyna ,or any woman for that matter .

    Anyway on to yet another experiment . I seemed to have upset these 4 women so being a kind and considerate person I decided to pick someone else for my next test . I had noticed during chatting to various ladies that there was the option with some of them of a video link which I assumed might be live so I thought I would test this out . I asked the woman with whom I engaged in chat whether the video was live and she said yes it was so I asked her to wave her right arm . It appeared that I had upset another woman since not only did she not wave but the chat ended rather quickly so I concluded from this that I was either just getting good at upsetting women or perhaps the video wasn’t live .
    It’s 2am here so I will continue with this tomorrow if that’s ok with everyone , cheers

  13. Pete says:

    Hi again
    to continue
    Another thing I decided to do was to try and figure out if the ladies I was talking to were actually physically there at the other end of the computer and if they really were the woman they were supposed to be .
    I thought that the best way to do this was to ask them to send me a picture of them holding a newspaper with today ‘s date on . My logic being that I think it’s more or less impossible to fake this .
    So what happened ? You’ve guessed it . All the women I asked to do this refused to do it saying it was silly and childish and yes you’ve guessed it again , they all got upset .
    Well Damn me , I’m getting to be an expert at this . Perhaps I should take it up as a career .
    Are all Ukrainian women so touchy Krystyna ?
    I would have thought at least one of them , faced with a guy who seemed a bit sceptical about their genuineness , might have thought , well it’s no big deal I’ll humour him and do what he asks and set his mind at rest but no , they just got more and more upset and angry .
    Now this could be just my lack of ability in dealing with the females of this world in a sensitive enough manner or it could be that they weren’t able to do it because it was a different person at the other end of the computer than the one I believed I was talking to . What do you reckon ?
    Another thing which got me suspicious about the site was the translating . I was chatting with a woman who had said she spoke no English and the responses from her were coming back to me almost instantaneously as if either a computer was doing the translating or someone was typing in English . It was too quick to be an actual person doing the translating . The funny thing was though , there kept occurring random typing and spelling errors which I think would be impossible if it was a computer translation so that left me to draw the conclusion that I must be chatting to someone who was typing back in English .
    When I asked her about it amazingly she didn’t get upset but did type back something about it being automatic which didn’t seem to make a lot of sense .
    Interestingly when I asked her again about it later she had changed her mind and said , you should know that we are all assigned a personal translator when we join this site .
    This seemed highly unlikely since you can chat to them any time of day or night and presumably even personal translators need some sleep .
    I asked another woman later how it was done and she said it was a computer but as I said , computer ‘s don’t make random mistakes .
    There were other things as well which made me uneasy about the site which I can’t think of at the moment but my over all impression was that it was not quite kosher .
    Cheers everyone

  14. Pete says:

    Sorry but I’ve just found another interesting fact about Charmingdate.
    I have been comparing the number of women who are online at Charmingdate with the number online at what I believe to be a genuine site , Ukraine*****com.

    It was interesting to note that at 3.30am here(5.30am KIev) there were 140 online at Ukraine ****** and 280 At Charming and at 6.30 here (8.30 Kiev) there were 450 at Ukraine***** but still only 329 at Charming.,

    You would expect there to be a substantial increase at around this time I think but Charming date didn’t increase notably until a bit later.

    This has led me to conclude that either all at Charmingdate get up very late or perhaps they are not communicating with me from Ukraine at all but somewhere much closer in time to the UK.
    What do you think ?
    I love your site and I may also be in love with you Krystyna.)))))

  15. Pete says:

    I apologise but I’m going to add some more . I hope all this will help all your readers to form an opinion of the Qpid network.
    I have also noticed that whilst on the genuine dating site I have received around 30 emails from women and no invitations to chat. This is over about a 4 day period and would be logical because a woman would be more likely to want the first contact to be the slightly less intimate email rather than a chat , I would have thought.

    On Charmingdate on the other hand I was virtually swamped with chat requests (some very suggestive in nature ) from the moment I started on the site.
    I measured it and I was getting roughly 6 requests per minute at peak times , which is the equivalent of thousands per day ,which when compared with the 7 or 8 a day of the genuine site , is just not believable.
    I think most if not all of the women are professional chatters employed by the company to get you talking and therefore spending money.
    That’s all it is , not a dating agency , but a clever money making fraud.

    • Peter says:

      Charming date is a machine to extort money… I spent over 5 months not being a wealthy man, I spent not a little to write… well, just from whom? Now I am emotionally devastated, because I fell in love in the illusion… I found this girl on a social network VK, and I was completely ignored
      When I mentioned her by charming date she was furious that I do not trust her and she denied of everything, but that the social network is still and has to fit well, it’s disgusting
      Take care away from this agency if you do not want to be like me emotionally devastated

  16. Duncan says:

    Hi Krystyna!

    First of all I want to say thank you for the opportunity of telling my story and advice about CharmingDate. com, and at the end of my letter I’d like to ask you a question about the real ladies from Ukraine.

    Well, Let’s start…

    I also want to say thank all of you for all reply sent here about !

    I am unfortunately a victim of this website! I have spent something near of US$ 5,000!
    I didn’t want to believe that almost all of girls are scammers or fake profiles until one of them named Anastasia told me about many of girls.

    These were the own her words: “… As I know, there’re a lot of girls on this online-dating, who just playing games ,whose words are empty as well as their souls, they think only about money , or what could be worse – working on agency to make a business .I can’t say something wrong about it, because everyone has his own opinion ,but one thing I know exactly – I’m not such girl. …”

    I also had received another one from Okasana which had written this: “…I don’t want to invent anything to interest you ‘cause you should know most letters which you received are contained 99% of lie. They’ve written with one purpose to catch you in woman nets. They are pushing to your weakness side, to your humanity and kind. …”

    Maybe there are few ladies with good intention there, but all of us will spend a fortune before finding some lady really honest!

    I tried for many time find that one, and I fell in love for a young lady. She had proved to me that was real through a camera. Her name is OLYA, PROFILE ID: C983055, 20 years old, from Svitlodarsk, Ukraine. I saw her for a couple of times and I found out that she was one of those who receive money from agencies and / or of own website. When I said I would request her personal information after 10 letters which we exchange, and I would like to meet her in her country, she stayed out from the camera field of vision for few minutes and I can perceived that she received instructions from someone or through an another computer. She was absolutely lost when she tried to convince me that the best thing to do, it was to continue to communicate through the website because she has not knowledge of English language enough to communicate with me.

    Unfortunately my dream was destroyed when I found out that she was a young scammer.

    I want to report to all of you who have intention to continue investing in this website, all of you certainly will loose a lot of money on this scam sponsored by!

    It’s a pit that perhaps there is no law to dismantle this criminal scheme and punish these women.

    It’s absolutely a case for Interpol!

    P.S.: Krystyna, Do you think I will have more chances to find a honest and a real lady from Ukraine if I buy a ticket to fly to some city from that country, in some Cafe or place where I can find them? Everything what I wish is to be happy with some decent woman whose which, I want to build a family and live a real and lasting relationship full of love…Could you give me your true opinion?


      As a Qantas Airways International Pilot (Captain) and single I subscribed to this website two weeks ago on every occasion one tries to ask for a meeting in REAL PERSON and the woman avoid the question!!! as an international pilot I can only say ONCE BIITEN TWICE SHINE!!!! think ill go back to CHINA LOVE the site is genuine because I have been to two weddings of my best friends that married chinese, plus my ex girlfriend who I was with for 2 years I met her in china love, that I can vouch for!!!, Truly guys, as much as the woman on chamdate look nice, you will NEVER get to meet them, because its not them already I have used a website called TINEYE it identifies falsified pictures its free to use just CLICK on the pic of your girl, it will show how many websites shes listed herself on, TRULY us your common sense DONT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY, TRUST ME im not a Captain for nothing, take great care and anyone is welcome to email me in AUSTRALIA KIND REGARDS STEVE E:

  17. edward case says:

    what are the chances of going onto this site and within five minutes 4 girls in 3 different cities send the same message about the weather word for word perfect English. what you can only deduce is that there is a boiler room full of women and pervert homosexual men running multiple chat requests from multiple fake profiles, not being careful to not send the same message over and over again. i feel sad for the maybe 1 out of 100 real girls who honestly want to meet a nice man and are drowning in a sea of fake profiles. i think you have to not pay more than a fixed sum on a some other website and be careful of who you meet. skype chat is safe for both parties, i would insist on it before any talk of meeting.

  18. Randal says:

    I was a member there years ago, and I wanted to make certain that the woman was real as well. So I sent her a T-Shirt that I had bought for my city with my city’s name one it. She received the shirt and sent me a photo of her wearing it. I was greatly impressed. I had not long after that met a woman here in America, and I had to break it off with Oksana, and to be honest to this day I wish I would have, went ahead with my plans to meet Oksana, she was beautiful, and she was also heart broken, and I was too, as well, but I just thought with the woman from here it was easier, and I also had great feelings for her as well, but eventually it didn’t work out. But that is a good way to find out if she is real. Try that trick, or it doesn’t have to be a shirt it could be anything genuine, and you know that you purchased it. So, like everything else, there are good apples and bad ones. I am again on this site, and I am speaking to a woman named Olga, when I get her address I will be doing the same thing, to make sure she is legit before I commit, but when you think about it, just mailing an actual letter to Ukraine would be about $4 bucks or more, so it really isn’t that bad. Just be spacious and do not spend so much all at once, and spread it out, then see how things go. I have asked Olga, if she gets paid and she said no, they just get to write their letters for free. So that is all I have to say, and I am hoping that Olga and I will be together one day soon in the future. If I am proven to be a fool, then it will be the last time I use their service or any of the others .GOD BLESS ALL

  19. Hi krystyna
    Is that dating site legit or a scam please let me know
    thank you

  20. Peter says:

    Beware of the profile Valeriya C663955. It is the crook of which only depends on money. He has accounts on various dating sites.

  21. Peter says:

    Beware of the profile Valeriya C663955. It only depends on money. He has accounts on various dating sites. Now playing in Cyprus for your money. You will find it also on Facebook, VK.

  22. israfil özmen says:

    ben dnoproda ögretmen bayanla tanıştım..sanal her şey yaşadık..pasaport içinpara istedi gönderdim…sonra dostuyla bana foto gönderdi..skyp kapadı…adı svetlana murasta….para ve hediyeler 500 dolar tuttu…30dolar gönderme ücreti…….kadın ve erkek neden tanışır-evlenmek ister mutlu huzurlu yaşamak için..aldatmakla her gün bir kadın ve erkekle oplmak mutluluk gerirmez ki…

  23. israfil özmen says:

    ben dnoproda ögretmen bayanla tanıştım..sanal her şey yaşadık..pasaport içinpara istedi gönderdim…sonra dostuyla bana foto gönderdi..skyp kapadı…adı svetlana murasta….para ve hediyeler 500 dolar tuttu…30dolar gönderme ücreti…….kadın ve erkek neden tanışır-evlenmek ister mutlu huzurlu yaşamak için..aldatmakla her gün bir kadın ve erkekle olmak mutluluk getirmez ki…ondan pek ciddi güvenli kadın yok…bu sitelerde….ben degişik ülke kadını ve yerleri görmek istediğim için slav kadını tercih ettim…ama en güzel kadınlar uzak dogunun oldugunu gördüm…gürcistandan-dogu türkistana kadar gezdim..kadın-erkek ciddi değilseniz ÜMİT VERMEYİN….

  24. Robert says:

    Actuall I feel this websight is legit but it is expensive and there is s waynto request information but it cost $100 per. I seak from experience.

  25. BERT says:

    Im also a new comer to charmdate Ukraine. Been a member 3 months now n spend $1000. I asked one girl to send me a pic of her with my name and her name on sheet of paper. She did . So theres some creadibility here but yes theres some incredability here but its not enough. What happens to the verification info we submit such as a drivers license?. I manage to blockout my id number.

  26. Greg Lutz says:

    I read most of your articles here but the site i use is or .com.. It is the Ukraine site i use and i can not find anything to check on them? Help please.. It is very expensive and i would like to know who gets the money and are they legitimate?? thank you for you help much appreciated

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