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Sometimes I get messages from my readers who write that they think they may be foolish to think that they will meet any HONEST woman in Russia or Ukraine. They tell me that they have heard or read that Russian and Ukrainian women must lie to survive and thrive, so that these men consider that they should completely forget finding any genuine Ukrainian or Russian lady for life.

Honestly, such generalizations make me pretty angry. There are millions of females who live in Russia and Ukraine. And I would say that these women have different personalities and different characteristics. You can’t believe me BUT there are honest and insincere, smart and stupid, career and family oriented women in Russia and Ukraine!!! Are all American women honest and smart? Are all German women honest and smart? I do not think so! Do you?

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Today, I would like to discuss some mistakes in beliefs about Russian and Ukrainian women.

During the Cold War particular caricatures of an enemy or another culture brought about stereotypes and prejudicial attitudes. Russian and Ukrainian women were often described or written as being large women with babushkas constantly making borscht.

As animosities have decreased with perestroika and the eventual change in government new views of the Russian and Ukrainian woman for marriage have emerged. Such figures as Maria Sharapova and Regina Spektor, as well as many women of Russian and Ukrainian descent have altered the previously held view of Russian and Ukrainian ladies.

However, stereotypes (better: generalization) of Russian and Ukrainian women still permeate. Films often show Russian and Ukrainian ladies as being dishonest and untrustworthy. They are often shown as spies or somehow involved with criminal activity. Many people believe these women will do anything to get ahead or gain citizenship in another country.

Fortunately, this isn’t true of all or even a majority of Russian and Ukrainian women (I believe I am the best example, namely: I live in Germany more than 10 years and am married to a German man but I have still a Ukrainian citizenship. Why? Because I have no wish to change my nationality! I am happy as a Ukrainian woman).

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You should that some of the most well-educated and intelligent women in the world are Russian and Ukrainians. Many of them are employed in such diverse sectors as health care, education and finance. They are known for their articulate conversational skills and loyalty to their family.

Russia and Ukraine are large countries with a population of beautiful, wonderful and gorgeous women who are used to living in suburban, urban, and rural environments. Personalities are diverse. If someone is looking for a particular kind of woman, they will be able to find her in Russia and Ukraine.

You are wondering if EVERY Russian and Ukrainian woman wishes to leave her country. The answer is that not every woman wishes this! You can believe me that not all Russian and Ukrainian women wish to leave their native land. Many women wish to stay in Russia or Ukraine, work there, start a happy family (yes, it is possible also in these countries :)).

Surely, many Ukrainian and Russian women are interested in providing a better future for their family and a reliable man to share their lives with. Many Ukrainian and Russian girls are aware of Western culture and the men of that culture, and find both more attractive than their present circumstances.

Please stop generalizing us Ukrainian and Russian ladies!



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  1. barobihar says:

    I have experienced scam at paid websites. Now, I am much wiser. I have made a policy. I don’t believe in fake Photoshop photos. Hence, Skype is 100% requirement for Internet-based dating. Guys don’t worry. Skype can translate written text automatically in case lady is unable to speak English (Skype translation is a big help during preliminary introductory phase of knowing her). Additionally, I don’t mind emailing photocopy of my passport. And, in return, I require photocopy of lady’s passport. I am happy to report that I had found many well educated ladies on free websites (for example: I have contacted about 190 ladies over 90 days without paying any fee, whatsoever. I have also received photocopy of passport from all ladies with whom I have shared photocopy of my passport. In two cases, I have even received photocopy of academic diploma and transcript from ladies. In general, Russian / Ukrainian degrees are not accepted in Western countries. Why to bring a foreign lady lacking academic skills to complete a degree program. It is best to get lady’s diploma evaluated by western universities. Moreover, it is not inappropriate to request CV from ladies. CV would tell employment history, past employers and complete mailing address. I wish I was this wiser before experiencing Internet scam.

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