Krystyna is true or not: this is a question?

Dear friends,

my today’s post is short. I would like to write only a few sentences and enjoy my sunday! 🙂

I work hardly on my blogs, thus I get more and more readers who are coming onto my sites for Ukrainian dating information. I am very happy if I get messages from my readers who ask me questions about us Ukrainian women, give their feedback about my articles and suggest other helpful topics for writing my posts.

But I do not tolerate any insults of the men who write to me that I’m not real or I’m working for marriage agencies, and another nonsense. If I do not comment your comments, this does not mean that I am not real. My Ukrainian dating blogs are my hobby (I make a research before I write a post and this needs a lot of time).

I have a full time job in Germany and a family. Moreover, I get mails from readers which must be answered by myself (writing the answers lasts also about 30 min or 1 hour). Thus, I have really little time to answer my comments.

I do not work for any marriage or dating agencies. If I place A Foreign Affair banners on my blogs, this is only my decision because I trust this agency and these are my blogs.

Dear readers, you can write me your feedback about articles but please do not insult my personality!!!
You can start your own blog if you think that I am not true.

Here is my last photo (as a proof that I exist)


your Krystyna

@to P.: If you do not like anything, do not read my articles! 🙂

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3 Responses

  1. Jose Roman says:

    The only thing I will say is that you look great in that photo!

  2. Mike says:

    Yes Jose’ is correct. Your eyes tell the whole story. Your eyes are the window to your soul. We can see your exterior. But your eyes are telling all of us you love to be noticed. No matter where we are from basic human emotion is very understandable. Hmmmmm I wonder.

    Mike S.

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