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It is no secret that there is very tough competition in the International dating industry and the agencies make any efforts to win new customers. Recently, on the Internet I found a few videos of Daria German. These videos are sponsored by The girl is claimed to be a Russian relationship and dating expert. I have never heard about her before, thus I decided to do a little online research to find out about her a little more.

According to my research, Daria seems to be very popular in Russia. That’s all I could read about her on the Internet. Daria is:

  • An active blogger
  • A model
  • An actress
  • A radio host
  • A dating coach at
  • A leading manager of the project “Do not sleep alone”
  • A coach on gender relations at

Here are some photos of Daria German:

daria german

daria german foto

daria german russian dating expert

There is no doubt that Anastasia International created a good marketing tactics and invited a famous Russian girl for producing a few Russian dating video tutorials. In my opinion, Daria is a very beautiful woman and could be a respectable gender relation coach. However, as for me, the videos are a bit boring and I am wondering if Daria gives her own tips or Anastasia tells her what to say in the video. Moreover, I do not degree with some of her tips and think that some tips are too superficial.

So I selected four videos by Daria which seem to be the most interesting (of course, in my opinion):

Video #1: The beauty of Russian women

In the “The beauty of Russian women” video, Daria German explains why Russian women are so beautiful. They do several things to stand out from other ethnic women. They believe that make up should be worn daily. They also believe that they should always look their best. When Russian women look their best they feel a lot different about themselves. Russian women work but prefer to invest their money into their beauty. Many of the women attend the gym three days a week to keep up on their amazing body figure.


Video #2: Does language really matter in a relationship?

In the “Is There a Language Barrier?” video, Daria explains that language does not really matter. There are several reasons it does not matter. One of these reasons is because of all the translation services offered when talking to each other online. Another reason it does not matter is because English is an easy language for a Russian women to learn. When and if she comes to live with you in the United States, you and she will have no problem making things work.


Video #3: Introducing your Russian girlfriend

In the “Introducing your Girlfriend” video, Daria explains a few ways to introduce your Russian girlfriend to your friends and family. One of the ways explained is to bring your friends and family over to her country when you visit her. Another way is to show them pictures before she arrives so that they already have an idea of who she is. One last idea is to Skype her when friends and family are around. This is an easy way for everybody to get to know her and feel like they already know her when she arrives.


Video #4: What do Russian Women Want?

According to Daria German, there are a number of things Russian and also Ukrainian women want and expect from their men. They will be listed here:

1. Do not say things about yourself that are not true. Do not represent yourself as having things that you do not have.

2. Be positive. If she likes poetry, for example, she will still need to understand what you are saying.

3. Be interesting. If you have a hobby, tell her about it. She will be interested in knowing more about it.

4. Be brave. Russian and Ukrainian women want men who can look after them in difficult situations.

5. Be attentive and caring. Women dress up for men, and they expect their men to notice.

6. Fulfill your promises. She wants to know that you will be there when the baby cries at night, should you want a family.

7. Respect her interests. She has own interests and you must respect that.

8. Be comfortable with yourself. You don’t have to be a movie star, just be yourself.

9. Be discreet. You don’t have to tell your Russian and Ukrainian woman all the details about your last relationship.

10. Finally, keep your sense of humor.


What do you think about these Russian dating videos? Do you like them? Did they help you and gave useful information?



Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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    I think we have a global recession going on. I do not worry about this too much because I have a farm and live really right of the land. Lots of firewood and food for the winter. Its hard to find someone who appreciates what a husband and or father has and does. Do you know anybody who appreciates?

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