Russian/Ukrainian society acceptance of International marriages

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I have received a few mails from my readers who are wondering if Russian and Ukrainian societies accept International marriages. What do Russian and Ukrainian mothers think about that their daughters want to marry foreigners and go abroad? Do they accept this decision to start a new life with a Western man? A few years ago, people in Russia and Ukraine considered an international marriage as a complete exotic, but now, in my opinion, the situation has changed.

The world is getting smaller every day. People are traveling more than ever. One of the outcomes is that places like Russia and Ukraine which were once solidly behind the Iron Curtain are now open to casual exploration. One of the benefits is that Western men now have access to the women from those countries. Moreover, many Russian and Ukrainian women have an opportunity to visit the West. They use an opportunity to find a Western man online and Western men are happy to take advantage of the opportunity to marry them.

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If we talk about Russian and Ukrainian society acceptance of International marriages, I would say that this is often met with mixed reactions. Some Russian and Ukrainian men see their women marrying their former Cold War foes and are not happy about it. Others, especially those from large cites, ignore it.

But in many of the smaller cities in Russia and Ukraine’s interior relationships between Russian women and Western men may be still frowned on (but I must say, less and less). These relationships are particularly galling for old men whose relatives have been killed or injured in wars against the West. But time marches on and gradually even Russian and Ukrainian men in the country’s interior have begun to accept this new reality.

But some tensions still exist as does the excitement of some Russian and Ukrainian women who see the prospect of forming relationships with foreign men as exotic and desirable. Many Russian and Ukrainian women for marriage feel marrying Western men improves their opportunity to improve their quality of life.

A growing number of Western men looking for a Russian / Ukrainian woman online uses an opportunity to get access to Russian and Ukrainian ladies who for generations were off limits.



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