Russian/Ukrainian-Western marriages: evolution and modifications

Dear friends,

I recently gave an interview to a British documentary film company. They wanted to know how the International (especially UK) dating market has changed in the last 10 years. I had to make a research on this topic and today I would like to write about my observations and comments on the development of the Russian/Ukrainian dating and marriage industry.Russian/Ukrainian-Western marriages have long enjoyed great popularity. This phenomenon has its roots in the mid-1990s. At that time, there was a rapid increase in the number of Russian and Ukrainian girls who married foreigners.

Here are some quick facts:

  • 60% Russian ladies have left their home country at the age of 30
  • 7% have been under 20
  • 30% marriage migrants are 30-40 years old
  • The average age of marriage migrants is 28 years.

According to the Ministry of Justice in Russia, about 75,000 Russian women for marriage have gone to the USA as the American citizens’ brides in the last 12 years. More than half of those women have higher education. According to the statistics, the Russian and Ukrainian women are more likely to want to marry US-Americans, French, Germans and Italians.

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Russian and Ukrainian girls are increasingly using the Internet for looking for a man abroad. In the nineties, little marriage and matchmaking agencies were the market leaders. They did not offer online services and worked with catalogs. Today, online dating websites like or are the most popular services in this industry.

In my opinion, today, many Russian and Ukrainian women only want to marry a foreigner and are not even interested in the financial situation of a future husband. I have an impression that Russian and Ukrainian ladies for marriage believe that they can find their happiness only abroad (especially, divorced single mothers). Moreover, I would say that young Russian and Ukrainian ladies aged 20 to 30 years who have no children but high education and successful career have formed the new criteria for selecting partners because of the changes in Russian and Ukrainian society. First of all, Russian and Ukrainian women prefer men who have a high social position. Second, they want to meet a family man with a good job because after marriage, women are hoping to feel protected and have a family stability.

More and more Ukrainian and Russian girls who want to marry abroad understand that they first need to get an education and work; then a successful marriage is a consequence of the initial adaptation to the new country. I would say that Ukrainian and Russian girls become more and more experienced and wiser every year (I think because of the strong influence of Western culture). This new generation of young women is confident, clever and purposeful. They are looking for a man with a higher education, soft housewifely character as well as a good job.



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4 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    Interesting information and now we ask ourselves, what does both Societies think about this migration?

    It would be interesting if there were statistics on how many men from the west and Uk/Ru women are still married. This data would show how influential the shift to women in the East, primarily Uk/Ru, Poland, Romanian, Lithuanian, etc., women has become. What effects does it have on the family unit in Ukraine. The families are separated as all of these women go to the west.

  2. Jose Roman says:

    Its interesting article! So not many women end up marrying a British, Irish, Dutch, Canadian, Spaniard, or Mexican?

    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Surely, there are many Russian and Ukrainian women who marry to British, Irish, Dutch, Canadian, Spanian, or Mexican men. However, I have to say that the most significant International dating market is the US market. Because tons of American men are looking for a Russian or Ukrainian woman.

      So if you are not a US American man, you have still a great chance to find a woman from Russia or Ukraine for life.

      Good luck!


      • Mike says:


        Many women who are Ukraine, are lovely. Many men in the US would love to have a good woman.

        I have a friend who is Lithuanian, she is just hot and she dresses like a million dollars. She may be from a third world country, but she is very desirable. I read that these women will do anything to find a man from the west. My friend, who’s name is also Christina, is tall and very healthy. As men, we do not stand a chance.

        She married a man for the green card, all who know, are very sad over this, she was here on an expired visa. She tells everyone she was desparate to stay in the US. She is 32 and never married with no children.

        She is still very hot to look at. I hope the one I find has morals and values that match my ideas.

        Should I screen them in another way?

        Mike S

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