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Dear Krystyna,

I met a Ukrainian lady through a friend of mine. When we first started messaging, it took days for a response because she was having to do it from work…so I got her a laptop. Then we chatted almost daily on Skype for 3 months I really wanted to meet her so I arranged a trip to the Dominican, which I will say was the best week of my life. It was a fairy tale meeting. We have a lot of chemistry and I miss her dearly and she likewise….she tries to keep from crying when we end a Skype conversation.

Now we are dealing with how to get her to be with me. The K-1 is a one shot deal, but the 5 year VISA seems to be more suitable. Because neither of us is familiar with the VISA process, she went to an agency to see if they could help. The agency says they can get her a 5 year tourist VISA for $680 USD and another $240 USD for consulate fees. She has not asked me for the money to do this, but I am leery of this agency perhaps scamming her. Is this possible? I have read that 99% of all VISA applicants are rejected.

I want her to come be with me for a while. What can I do? Most everything I read on line is how dating and marrrying I don’t believe her to be a part of a scam because how we met and the genuine interest and chemistry between us. We both want to be together, but we don’t know the best route to take.

Can you help us?



Krystyna answers:



I needed time to make research about obtaining a visa to the USA because I have never been there, thus I have no personal experiences with that. I found out that obtaining a visa to the United States can be a tricky process depending on the type of visa required. The tourist visa, also known as a B2 or “visitor for pleasure” visa, is the hardest type of visa to obtain.

These visas can be issued for any length of time, from one to ten years; five years is the average time frame granted. Each visit to the United States is limited to a 6-month period. In some cases, the length of time may be extended for an additional six months; however, it must be demonstrated that the visit is temporary.

Essentially, one must prove that there is a valid reason for visiting the United States, that the visa seeker has a means of supporting oneself, and that there are strong ties to Ukraine. Strong ties to Ukraine can be shown by providing evidence of significant close family, a good job, and property that is not going to be easily sold. This requirement is to assure the government of one’s return.

In the end, however, the visa process is based upon a lottery with only 50,000 visas being granted each year; therefore, being able to show significant ties to Ukraine does not guarantee that a visa will be granted.


The K1 visa, also known as a fiancee visa, can be hard to obtain because of the documentation requirements; however, it is easier to attain a K1 visa than a B1 visa since the K1 visa is not dependent on any lottery system. The K1 visa requires the following: a Ukrainian passport, birth certificate, police certificate, military records, photographs, evidence of support, marriage certificate, death certificate, divorce certificate, change of name certificate, proof of relationship, application forms, and an interview.

Certain documents may not be applicable if, for instance, you have not been married, divorced, changed your name, or served in the military. Full details can be read about on the US state.gov website: http://photos.state.gov/libraries/ukraine/895/pdf/K_Instructions.pdf. A complete listing of visa forms can be found at the embassy website: http://ukraine.usembassy.gov/visa-forms.html.

In most cases, unless one has experience with applying for visas, it is best to use the help of a professional agency due to the complicated procedures. The cost for such services usually begins at around $100. Make sure to investigate any companies with which you will be giving personal information, so you can help prevent identity theft in the case of dealing with an unscrupulous agency.

Your woman can make a research online and find a genuine agency that can help her to obtain the visa to the USA. E.g. I found these agencies: http://gotoamerica.info/ or http://vscenter.com.ua/. But as I said before, I have never used the services of such agencies.



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  1. Mike says:

    Good information. My friend brought his new woman here about a year ago.
    He got a k1 visa. They married after she came here.
    The total time was 9 months for the paperwork to be completed.

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