To You or To Me?: the best place to meet a Ukrainian bride in person

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The Western world is full of men looking for their Ukrainian or Russian women they have found online. There are many different places you could meet up with Ukrainian and Russian women for marriage, but I have to say you that this usually happens in Ukraine and Russia. I get many messages from my readers who usually wonder whether or not they have to travel to Ukraine or Russia themselves to meet with their Ukrainian / Russian ladies, or are capable of bringing them into the Western world for the first meeting in person.

My common answer to this question is, of course, this is possible. Why not? 😉 You can show her your country, culture and lifestyle. She can find out immediately if she is willing to live in your country, your town and integrate into the new life.

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However, I have to mention that although this is possible, it is tough for women in Ukraine and Russia to leave a country that is far different from the Western (American) culture. I mean the women are ready to move to your country as your wife. But for the first meeting in person, many women prefer you coming to Ukraine because they feel more comfortable and secure.

Note: You should know that Ukrainian and Russian women are different from each other, namely: most urban women (especially from Kiev, Kharkov or Donetsk) have been abroad and are not afraid to travel alone in the West.

Older women who live in small towns and villages have never been abroad; accordingly, this is a big challenge for them to go for the first meeting with a man to a foreign country. My advice is that you should decide depending on the situation (she is from a city/village, young/older/, has been abroad/never visited a Western country, etc.) when you think about the first meeting with the woman.

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Let’s talk shortly about the adventures of visiting Ukraine for the first meeting in person. Most Western men visit Ukraine to meet with their beautiful women because they do not need a visa. You need to buy your tickets to Ukraine and organize your habitation (hotel, apartment, etc.). This is very practical if you live in Europe. The flight to Kiev takes about 2-3 hours, and you’re here. 🙂 So you can travel to Kiev for example on weekends and meet your woman in person.

My tips to find a suitable hotel in Ukraine:

There is an easy opportunity to book a hotel room on and As an alternative to the hotel, I would suggest to rent an apartment for your stay in Ukraine. It’s not that expensive and you can spend a romantic time with the woman. The following online services can help you to rent an apartment:


Unfortunately, these services are only in Russian. There are many services like these three I found on the Internet. I am sure that your woman would help you to rent a good apartment in her city.

Moreover, Ukrainian ladies are very fond of showing their culture to Western men and are often adventurous and easy going. Meeting Ukrainian women for marriage and visiting Kiev and other Ukrainian beautiful cities is a great idea for all. You’ll be able to learn about the Ukrainian / Russian unique history and culture and spend time with your lady at the same time!

Here are my articles about the biggest and most beautiful cities in Ukraine:

  • Kiev
  • Kharkov:
  • Odessa:
  • Lvov:

In conclusion, I would like to say that visiting a native country of the Western man can also be a great idea. But remember that women from Ukraine and Russia need a visa and tickets which can be quite expensive. Men need to also understand that many Ukrainian and Russian women do not have the money to buy airline tickets, especially if they are single parents.



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