What do Western men want in a Ukrainian or Russian wife?

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Every year thousands of Western men marry Russian and Ukrainian women. What does a Western man look for in a potential Russian and Ukrainian bride? A recent survey and focus group was conducted by experts who talked to men and asked them what they want in a bride (for more information click here). Here is some information about the top three traits that Russian and Ukrainian women need to have to marry themselves a Western husband.

The first trait is that they have to be loyal.

One-quarter of the Western men who were surveyed listed this as their most desired quality in a woman from Russia or Ukraine. Men do not want a wife that they do not feel that they can trust. Loyalty is important because men have to be able to trust their wives with their lives, money, home and in some instances their children.

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If a Russian / Ukrainian woman cannot be trusted because she acts secretively or flirts with other men then the relationship probably will not be successful. Men want to feel secure in their relationships so they have to trust their wife completely to have a solid relationship.

Some women from Russia or Ukraine have been known to use men so that they can network and find someone else who has more money to spend on them. Men do not want to be taken advantage of and used by women; they want someone who they can rely on through thick and thin.

The second trait is being in love with them.

15% of men stated that they wanted their bride to have genuine feelings of love for them. Love is important because without it people tend to seek affection from other sources such as online or extra marital relationships. Some Russian / Ukrainian women want to get married for financial security alone but this tends to create

The third trait which 10% of men are looking for is honesty.

In today’s day and age, it can be hard to believe everything that you hear. When choosing a wife, men want a Russian/Ukrainian woman who is honest. Some are and tell men only what they want to hear which can evolve into a very toxic relationship. Honesty is the best policy so potential wives need to show that they are honest.

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There was also a focus group done asking men what they wish for in a Russian or Ukraine wife. 49% of Western men looking for a woman from Russia or Ukraine stated that they wanted an honest woman, 42% said they wanted a woman with a nice appearance and 34% of men said that loyalty and faithfulness were qualities they preferred in a spouse.

The men were given a list of fifty qualities to choose from for their answers for the survey which is most likely why physical appearance was not on the list of top three desired traits in the survey.

Some people think that Western men only want to marry Russian and Ukrainian women because of their looks but this is not true at all. The men primarily focused on requesting character traits over physical appearance which shows that they want to have a long-term relationship that will thrive.

Most men will have children with the women that they marry so choosing the right mate is crucial to raising children that are happy and well-adjusted. When Ukrainian and Russian women and Western men visit International dating sites they should take this information to heart so that they can find a spouse that is right for them.

Marriages take a lot of hard work and dedication so finding Ukrainian and Russian ladies with these three traits can help men build long-lasting marriages and families. 🙂



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