“Bang Ukraine”: Ukrainian Dating Advice by an American man

Dear friends,

Recently, I found “Bang Ukraine”, a funny guide about Ukraine. Most guides to other countries offer accurate directions, awesome sight seeing recommendations and appealing historical revelations. Bang Ukraine by Roosh Vorek is a travel guide unlike any other. Bang Ukraine offers its readers planning to visit the Ukraine a detailed guide to getting sex while visiting the Ukraine and dating the beautiful Ukrainian women: “Bang Ukraine is a sex travel guide that teaches you how to sleep with Ukrainian women while in Ukraine without having to go to strip clubs or pay for prostitutes.

Well, honestly, my first thought was to close the site and not read what information about Ukrainian girls this American man offers. But my curiosity won out and I decided to read the ad copy of the book. Today, I decided to tell you about it. And you can decide after reading my post whether you want to read Bang Ukraine or not.

What is Bang Ukraine?


After 90 plus days spent in Kharkov, Roosh details his experiences for fellow travelers in 110 pages so they can also successfully enjoy sex in the Ukraine. The book is travel guide number ten by Roosh and the contents stay true to his works. Roosh thoroughly details his successful sexual adventures through many countries in his guides and Bang Ukraine is no exception.

In the beginning of the book Roosh writes how strange he finds the Ukraine except for the exotic and attractive females. According to Roosh, Ukrainian females are very feminine. The women are also very distant at first. A visitor intent upon sexing up the exotic beauty of Ukrainian origin should not be surprised if the woman comes off as cold or unreceptive. In the author’s opinion, persistence is key to success.

bang ukraine

Ukrainian women are very guarded. Roosh offers the example that it takes four dates to thaw a Ukrainian female’s guard. Men bent on sampling sex with a Ukrainian girl cannot rely on experiences with American women to guide their manners. American women are very forward compared to the Ukrainian women who take longer to respond to a suitor’s efforts.

Roosh cautions men attempting to get it on in the Ukraine with additional insights. Local women are not into drinking liquor or talking about themselves. Ukrainian women love to look appealing but do not invest the same amount of work into their personalities.

Roosh cautions men that older females are actively looking for a commitment. Older women from Ukraine are much less likely to be receptive to accepting the sexual advances of a tourist because they often are husband hunting. Ukrainian culture stresses women 25 or older are failures if they are not wed. The drive of an older Ukraine woman to avoid failure can often make her come off as desperate. The prime target for a sexual encounter is about age 22 writes Roosh.

Roosh stresses that males who want successful sexual encounters need to have a cover story for their visit. Local beauties have their guard up to avoid being targeted by tourists for sex. For prime tourist destinations visiting men need only offer a simple story like being on vacation. Other cities in the Ukrainian described by Roosh require more creative cover stories with vague details about length of visitations.

Roosh offers a website so prospective readers can access samples of his content electronically. Roosh’s website is called www.bangguides.com. For the price of $13.47, Bang Ukraine can be bought at Amazon.com. Reviews of the book support Roosh’s initial impressions about Ukraine women presenting as beautifully bangable. Reviewers also applaud the accuracy of Roosh’s latest offering.

I do not want to criticize the author. I think that this book should not be taken seriously, and I do think that you can find useful information about Ukrainian women. According to the author, you find the following information: a deep analysis of the Ukrainian culture and mentality, advice on which city is best to visit as well as the best online, audio, and print resources for learning the Russian language as efficiently as possible. But, as for me, Bang Ukraine is not the best ebook to learn about Ukrainian dating.

Here is a sample page of the book:

Bang Ukraine

Source: http://www.bangguides.com/travel/bang-ukraine/sample-pages/index.shtml



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3 Responses

  1. alex says:

    I hope nobody visits their site, like ever.

    • Mercyk says:

      Obviously you are another metrosexual male leftover that knows nothing about Roosh and his philosophy.. Good luck with you pussywhipped character.

  2. Rick says:


    I’m impressed. In my opinion it takes a certain amount of bravery and openness to present a book like this on your site. Good for you.

    For the readers I think it serves as a reminder that the ‘scams’ are not just one way. Oh I imagine that some of you are saying “I would never do that, I’m different”. But my experience talking with other travelers in the Ukraine is that once we’ve made the commitment to go there, or invested any amount of money or time, we have this expectation that the girls will drop everything and come running to us. We go there because the women are beautiful.

    Sometimes we fall in love with the culture, but our attention is drawn by the promise of Ukranian femininity-guaranteed with limited effort on our part. A few emails and a trip overseas to seal the deal.

    Please. This is different than the author of the book only in shade.

    A recent post complained that all Ukrainian women were scamming him. I think this is far from true. The Ukrainian women I’ve met are generally sincere, hopeful romantics who would love to be swept off their feet by a “real man”. But the rules are different. And the courtship is long. And they are human. Three dimensional hearts and souls with all the variety of the women at home, complicated somewhat by a different cultural background.

    My experience suggests that much of the noise around “scams” is simply a disappointment caused by different expectations. And the women are often “scammed” in the same encounters. When she meets a guy who promises greatness. She tells her friends. She is excited to talk to him. Suddenly he’s pushing for things that she can’t commit to, or behaving in a way that she doesn’t understand. And then leaves in a flurry of poor emails or simply disappears. And her dream evaporates.

    I’m not saying that this is a fruitless pursuit. It is simply to say (perhaps the obvious) that our actions have an impact on another person. A real person who dreams, as you or I, about a future of love and happiness.

    My 2 cents.

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