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Привіт Krystyna,

Як ви?

In the past 3 years I have been on several dating sites. Russian Brides, City of Brides, Cherry Blossoms, Elena’s Models to name a few.

I have corresponded with 100’s of them from Ukraine and Russia. So far, 100% of them are scammers. One site swears they do not pay the ladies to write. This is an expensive site which charges for everything (listed above) finally I was able to get several ladies to admit they were benefiting in some way from the “Agency” they went to read my letters. I bought addresses and emails from the site after the ladies agreed. Out of 4 ladies only one wrote. None of them answered their phone. The one lady wrote to “break up” with me.

The rest of them from site where you can exchange contact information without paying extra (listed above) are scammers that write to you and then once they feel there is a connection or write long enough (most of them don’t pay any attention to what you actually write, it is a vague ambiguous response to make you feel they like you more and more with every letter. They eventually ask for a large amount to translate letters or for some family emergency. If your write in Russian, they will tell you they can’t understand you, they refuse to write in Russian.

Bottom line: You may be right. Not all Ukrainian women are scammers, but for the thousands on these sites, it is a large cross section of the women folk in that country who are morally bankrupt and are willing to lie for money (fraud).

The one site I believe has legit women, are interested in younger men, just like in the States and is expensive (Elena’s models). If you are over 45, it will be difficult to find a lady there that is interested in you. While you are finding out if they are real, you will spend some big bucks.

Even the Filipino women scam for money after a few letters. If you are over 45 or even 50 and you are not rich, you better give up on the idea of marrying a hot young Slavic lady. If you are rich, you don’t need to go to Europe. These ladies are educated and clever and they are disenchanted with the local men. The ladies here say the same thing, but there are good guys in both places.

This has been my experience and I often give the benefit of the doubt. Even the author of this article mentions a “Website” that had a legit lady on it and he married her. But he didn’t say what the website was.

I would LOVE to know where these guys are finding these Slavic women who are not scammers.

Кращий долі до вас всіх

I was just going to go and visit Ukraine (I still may) for the purpose of touring and not looking for a relationship. I want to see Crimea and Odessa. I speak Russian and it is getting better all the time.

What do you suggest, Krystyna?



Krystyna answers:



I am sorry about your negative experiences with Russian and Ukrainian online dating. From my experience, I can mention that many Western men who have tried using these International marriage services in the past feel that they were ripped off. Some claim the women don’t even exist, saying it’s all a scam designed to part them from their money. You don’t have to search hard on the Internet to find articles exposing some of these matchmaking sites as scams.

Here are some examples:

  1. Ukrainian dating agencies reviews
  2. How Ukrainian dating agencies work
  3. Lost in translation: 5 stories of marriage agency translators

BUT… In my opinion, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find love through an International matchmaking/dating site. I know many examples of happy cross-cultural marriages (s. an interview with James) and I personally was a matchmaker of one of these couples. My friend Tamara is the best example that Ukrainian online dating works. Her German man and she were married November 23, 2012 (I convinced Tamara to create a profile on a German-Russian dating site where she met Michael in February 2012). They were married 10 months later after they met.

While many Western men fall victim to scams being run by dishonest Russian and Ukrainian dating sites, there are just as many who find that special someone using dating services. The key is being able to differentiate between the two.

If an online dating site won’t let you exchange direct contact information with someone you met through their service, that’s a clear indicator that you might be dealing with dishonest characters. In my opinion, marriage companies like these typically want you to keep paying them to stay in contact with the female which is the scam itself.

hot ukraine girl

Think about it? Why would a matchmaker not want you to exchange email contact or phone numbers with someone you’re interested in, if their primary goal is to bring people together. Obviously, they wouldn’t.

Of course, there are still dishonest people on honest dating sites, so it’s ultimately up to you to utilize good judgment and common sense when communicating with potential partners. Many of the better dating websites have rules to make things easier for everyone involved, but it’s still up to you to make wise decisions.

The best thing to do is to find Russian and Ukrainian dating sites which: allow you to directly communicate with the females you’re interested in, have a lot of scam preventing rules, and of course, lots of lovely ladies. 🙂

You are right if you write that dating sites like Elenas Models are expensive. But before you decide to look for a Ukrainian or Russian woman for marriage you should think about possible costs. I wrote an article on a comprehensive cost analysis of Ukrainian and Russian dating. And I wrote the following sentence: “From experiences of Western men looking for a woman from Ukraine, approximate average cost of Ukrainian and Russian adventure: $10,000-$15,000. As you see, the cost of Ukrainian and Russian dating to some may be very expensive, but to others a great bargain“.

Ukrainian bride

Surely, you can use free dating sites:


How to use these sites, please read my articles here:


These sites are simple to use and totally free. You can loose only your time (but not your money).
Moreover, you can use social networks


But there are some disadventures:

Language Barriers: If you do not speak Russian it will be a big problem for you because most of the women do not speak English well. They do not need this. They chat and flirt in Russian.

The „no reply“ rate is high. You must write hundreds (or maybe thousands) Russian and Ukrainian ladies on to find prospective candidates for relationship and marriage. This process requires a lot of time and patience if you want to be successful using this dating site.

Remember the most important rule:
Don’t forget being careful! From my personal experience, I can say you that there are no professional dating scammers like on International dating sites; nonetheless, this statement does not mean that you will not become a victim of fraud.

woman of ukraine

A few tips from me as a conclusion:

1) You must not use a dating agency if you have any doubts.

Before you sign up with any site, including any of the sites mentioned above, you should do your homework. It is important to look for information about the site including any reviews available from former members, especially those who found a wife using the service.

Pay particular attention to their experiences while using the site. You may also want to search to find out how Russian and Ukrainian women view the sites. If a particular site does not have such a high rating with women, you probably won’t want to sign up for that site.

2) Do not use chat services if you are unsure whether it’s a real woman you’re going to chat with

3) Make an online research on e.g. Russian Brides, City of Brides, Cherry Blossoms, Elena’s Models….. (or another dating agency you would like to join) clients’ experiences

4) Be realistic. You can have no success in the online dating world (just like in offline dating). You have to be ready for this. Life can be hard and you must show a lot of patience before you find a wonderful wife from Ukraine.

5) Be careful. The Ukrainian online dating world is not like sugar. There are a lot of scammers. However, there are a lot of wonderful women who do have very serious intentions and are tired to be alone. Just believe me!


In conclusion, I would like to say a few words about Ukrainian and Russian dating and relationship. In my opinion, the majority of Western men looking for a Ukrainian and Russian woman are not aware of how the search could be complicated and especially expensive for them. If you have no success with Ukrainian dating, you feel only disappointment and have perhaps financial problems, too. To avoid this I would like to ask you a possible checklist of questions whose answers might indicate your chances in Ukrainian and Russian dating.

Question #1: Are you ready find a lot time for Internet recherché of dating services, users’ reviews, experiences and reading true dating stories? Are you ready to find a special lady from Ukraine, communicate with, fall in love with, and get engaged to? Are you ready to deal with intercultural differences in a Ukrainian-Western marriage?

Question #2: Are you ready and able to travel to meet your special Ukrainian lady in the next 6-12 months?

Question #3: Are you financially stable enough to support a Ukrainian or Russian spouse and possible children in the near future?

You must ask and seriously consider each of these questions. That would be disastrous for you if you answer “no” to any of these questions after you have invested a lot of money, time or emotions in your dating search. As for me, this is much better to spend time answering these basic questions before you begin.



Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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