What says the Ukrainian press about International online dating?

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Recently, I found an article “How do Ukrainian girls “marry” foreigners?“ at pravda.com.ua, a popular online newspaper in Ukraine (s. here: http://life.pravda.com.ua/society/2011/09/28/86347/). As for me, the article is really beneficial and interesting and I decided to translate it into English. As you know, I’m not a professional translator; consequently I can translate the article only with my own words. So let’s go! 🙂

Ukrainian women are desirable in every corner of the world

The fact that the most beautiful girls live in Ukraine is known in the whole world. Marrying a Ukrainian girl is considered abroad as successful and desirable and hundreds of foreign men register on International dating sites daily in order to find a woman of their dreams in our country.

Of course, not all of these Western men have the same “serious intentions” which they declare in their dating profile. Often, Ukrainian online dating means banal sex tourism for many foreign men because a romance with a Ukrainian woman may be cheaper for them, in their opinion. The men believe that temperamental beauties from an undeveloped country like Ukraine are suitable for that.

Ukrainian women are not naive

However, searchers for a cheap romance, marriage or sexual affair overestimate the naivety of Ukrainian women. Moreover, the Western men just underestimate their inborn practicality. Not every Ukrainian girl registered on a dating site is willing to find a husband for life and start a happy family. Her intentions may often be traveling at the expense of a foreign “prince”, visiting expensive restaurants and hotels and getting from him some precious little gifts or maybe money.

ukraine women

In this case, the majority of Ukrainian brides with “serious intentions” do not start a sexual relationship with a Western. They try to postpone sex for a long period until the man finally begins to doubt the sincerity of the woman’s feelings and intentions.

Then the bride can gently inform you that, unfortunately, she is not into you anymore. Or she just disappears. Surprisingly, some foreigners do not realize for a long time that they have been used or rather scammed.

“Western men seem to like being scammed – surprised Svetlana Kopteva, a director of an International marriage agency in Ukraine that offers their services since 1999 (Krystyna’s note: I could not find the matchmaking agency of Svetlana Kopteva on the Internet. Very strange…). – They are bored with decent Ukrainian girls who really want to marry. We had a customer from San Francisco. The man was an owner of a chain of restaurants and wanted to meet a woman in Ukraine with whom he was communicating for a few months. He did not like the woman in person. He found another lady who scammed him. He left Ukraine without a wife and money but he was very happy.”

How do Ukrainian pro-daters scam Western men?

Svetlana says that the Ukrainian “brides” get money from foreign men in different ways. For example, they receive gifts from men (clothes, mobile, computer, etc.) and then the women sell the gifts and earn their money in this way. Moreover, there are unscrupulous agencies running their business on these girls, namely: they write wonderful letters to Western men and buy apartments and cars at the expense of Western men looking for Ukrainian women.

Svetlana tells two real stories of Ukrainian dating scam. One girl from Ukraine received a half thousand dollars for a trip to the Dominican Republic from her Western man; however, she did not come to this country to see him. Another girl received even $4000 from a Western guy and later informed him that her purse with the money was stolen in a tram in Ukraine.

Krystyna’s note: Sorry, guys, but that is your fault. The unwritten rule of International online dating is following: do not send money to the person you have never met in person!!! In my opinion, you have to be very naive to send such a large amount of money to the person from a dating site!

Is it possible to find true love through an International online dating site or marriage agency?

In Svetlana’s opinion, sure if you truly want to fall in love and get a family. Everybody can find his destiny online.  Besides, she reports that her agency organizes a dozen cross-cultural weddings every year.

ukrainian girl

From her experience, the most active men come from Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, and Germany. American men are the biggest part of her customers (about 60%), but Ukrainian girls prefer Europeans. Svetlana says that the age issue does not matter for a successful marriage. You can get married as a young or old person.

The most important thing is honesty in communication and good photos. Svetlana also says that marriage and matchmaking agencies give Western men a guarantee that the girls are real, not photoshopped models. In her opinion, Western men who use the free dating sites are more likely getting scammed.

Ukrainian women who want to find a man from abroad have a few adventures to use matchmaking agencies, too. First, the services for women are free and allow finding a man with serious intentions, not an entertainment seeker.

Krystyna’s note: I do not agree with Svetlana’s statement. In my opinion, Western men are getting scammed if they do not follow three simple anti-scam rules:

  1. Sending money for visas, tickets, emergencies, pay off loans, or for any other reason to the foreign woman they have never met before;
  2. Falling in love with the woman within a few emails;
  3. Using a dating service with bad reputation.

You find more information on scam in my Ukrainian dating guide “Avoiding scams”.

Remember: paid or free Ukrainian / Russian online dating sites, marriage or matchmaking agencies – you can meet scammers and professional pro-daters in any of these services. Just be careful! And yes, it is actually possible to find true love on the Internet. I know this 100%! 🙂



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3 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    I agree with what has been said.. A lot of Ukrainian women see Westerners as a soft touch for holidays gifts & money.. Some make an absolute fortune from scamming as many men as possible..ie Valeria Novitskaya..

    Like Krystyna wisely says NEVER EVER send money for anything..

    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Right 100%!

      Ukrainian men do not send money to the woman from the Internet. Why should Western men do that? Dating is dating – your aim is to get known better each other – not support financially for medicament, Internet fees, etc.

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