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Many of my readers are wondering if Ukrainian marriage agencies are more effective than online dating sites. As an experienced dating site user, I know just a little about how marriage and matchmaking agencies work and what services they offer. Therefore, I decided to conduct a thorough analysis of marriage agencies in Ukraine and write an article why Western men should use their services although they are pretty expensive.

I was interested primarily in a question about what benefits these agencies offer their clients looking for a girl from Ukraine. Second, the fact that there are heaps of marriage agencies in Ukraine means for Western men a challenge to find the suitable one. Well, let’s talk about Ukrainian marriage agencies, their services and the pros of meeting Ukrainian ladies through them.

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Easier to get to know her personality

Unlike with real life dating, by meeting a woman online you have better chances of getting to know her true self since there are still very few physical emotions involved. When getting to know someone in person you don’t get to have much time to think things through in terms of what you want to ask, or what you want to answer to any given question. With online dating, you can ask and answer questions at your own pace, without a rush.

More women to choose from

In real life, it is very improbable that you will ever going to be in a room full of beautiful women, all of whom are single and looking for a man for a long term relationship. Although virtually, a site of a Ukrainian marriage agency is kind of like that room. You got tons of profiles of beautiful single women, with every one of them looking for a long lasting relationship; otherwise they would not have their profiles up, right? But there is more. Any decent marriage agency in Ukraine has a built-in search engine that allows you to sort women’s profiles by any search criteria. Want to meet a blonde girl with blue eyes? No problem! She is just within a couple of clicks away.

Women of different traditions

Ukrainian marriage agencies give you a real opportunity to meet Ukrainian women. If you are looking for a long term partner, there is a distinct beauty of meeting a woman from a country other than yours. Many will find such relationships to be interesting and romantic. Comparing a relationship between two people of different nationalities with couples where he and she are from the same country might even seem a bit dull.

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Would not that be cool if you had to celebrate Christmas and New Year day (just to name a few) twice every year? Would not you love learning about a different country and its traditions during your day to day routine? You will have all this and much more should you meet a girl from Ukraine.

Professional services at your fingertips

If you like the idea of meeting someone from another country, it might be somewhat hard to accomplish if you don’t speak the same language. Let’s be frank here. Not all of us are good at foreign languages, so getting to know a Ukrainian woman even if you happen to meet her in the US is a bit of a challenge. The beauty of dating Ukrainian women through local dating agencies is that all of those natural barriers are effectively tackled one by one.

Emails you exchange are usually translated from your language into hers and backwards within a couple of days. Should you want to take your Internet relationship to a new level, dating agencies can easy set you up for a video conference call. And fret not! As with any other service, your conversation will be interpreted in real time.

You get to save a buck

The process of getting to know a person in the real world can be a bit costly. You won’t go too far these days without getting her a nice bouquet of flowers, and a night out in a romantic cafe. Yeah, it is just a hundred bucks, but you still don’t know if you even fit as a couple. It might unfold that she is just not the type of person you are looking for. She might have a different personality, a weird set of habits etc. She might as well be not that much into you. Some men go through a dozen of dates like this, with each one burning a hole in their pocket. With Ukrainian dating agencies, you can find your dream girl without all that. And by the time you get to have your first date, you will pretty much be sure that the girl is the one!

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You get to visit a foreign country

Is there anyone these days who does not like traveling? Sooner or later you will want to meet a girl in real life, and as a man, it is your responsibility by default to travel to her place. Not only will you be traveling to meet a girl you have had this wonderful Internet friendship with, but you also get to see a totally new world that is Ukraine.

These are just to name a few pros of meeting women through Ukrainian marriage and matchmaking agencies. As the final note, let me recommend you meeting girls either in Kyiv or in Kharkov. By no means do I say that women of other cities of Ukraine are any different. It is just that not all cities of Ukraine are equipped with an international airport. Take Poltava, Ukraine as an example. By meeting a girl from this city, there is no way you can avoid a lengthy car drive from Borispol airport. And as it turns out, Poltava marriage agencies aren’t cheap either.



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  1. Josh says:

    True its not easy to have success online with all amount of fakes and scams. But i do believe there are still true people who just like me are looking for a soulmate or partner .I think success depends mostly on how real you are yourself, and how positive you are about others. Ive tried recently and didnt regret it. Those girls who i met were normal and adequeate. Plus on this site they have video chat which is really helpful. Because i dont like sharing my personal contatcs till i am sure about someone. So i am having good experience over there.

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