How do Ukrainians celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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I know many Western but also Russian and Ukrainian guys scurry away when there are talks of Valentine’s Day. It seems to be one more holiday for guys to get nagged about the decisions of gifts or the lack thereof, but let’s look at the Ukrainian traditions. Although they were recently inherited from the western culture, they do add some spice to an otherwise boring, hand-over-the flowers and candy, kind of day. Today we are talking shortly about how Ukrainians celebrate Valentine’s Day. 🙂

Legend has it the city of Odessa is the happening place of the Ukraine. In 2011, there was actually a group of women, known as Femen, who decided to do a canvas boob print on Valentine’s Day. Now, although this group was formed to support the women’s movement, how many men would not LOVE to see a canvas with boob prints smashed all over them? The kicker is they even tried to get the prints to be shaped like hearts! This is totally impressive, if you ask me.

Valentines Day

As for me, Valentine’s Day is one of the most important events for the Russian and Ukrainian matchmaking and dating industry. During Valentines, the dating sites and marriage agencies in Ukraine round up some of the hottest chics to participate in the romantic dating weekend. Guys come from all over the world to meet Ukrainian ladies for the weekend.

So long story short, although the Ukraine has adopted the Western cultures main idea of Valentine’s Day, candy, flowers, dinner, etc., it seems to have adopted even more. With the European area known to be more risqué, it makes perfect sense they would embellish this holiday and add their own spin of flavor.

Happy Valentine’s Day! 🙂



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