Advice how to navigate your first date with a Ukrainian woman

Dear friends,

You (like many Western men) are familiar with these challenges, namely: communicating with a Ukrainian woman online is fine and phone calls with her are just wonderful. People want to meet each other in person for the first time. Perfect!

However, after this decision most men ask themselves how the first date with the Ukrainian woman should be navigated. As you know, the first date can be a disaster if you do it wrong. Today, we try to answer the following questions: What to do? Who will pay for the first date? How much should you pay at the first day? Preparing for a first date with a Ukrainian lady can be quite nerve-wracking, even for the most mature of individuals. So I am sure that my advice may be very helpful for you.

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I get many mails from my readers who share their experience about their dating in Ukraine. Some of them had to spend more than $300 on the first date because Ukrainian ladies led them to the most expensive restaurants and wanted to go on a private taxi home. So the question is this is normal or not? Do Ukrainian men do the same or not? My answer is NO, this is not normal. No, Ukrainian men do not spend usually $300 at the first date.

Before I give you some advice how to navigate the first date with a Ukrainian lady, I would like to describe you the average scenario of a date in Ukraine. The fact is that only a few men in Ukraine earn more than $1,500 per month, and that means that only a few men in Ukraine are able to invite a girl to an expensive restaurant and spend $300 for the meal and taxi.

Generally, the daters go to a middle-class (not expensive, but not very cheap) cafe for coffee and something to eat. In this case, we’re talking about people who earn an average salary per month ($300-500). Usually, Ukrainian men spend max. 200 hryvna (about $20) for the evening.

What about the dates with Western men? What do Ukrainian women expect from Western men at the first meeting? And how to prepare for the first date? My first advice is that you must NOT spend a lot of money at the first date ($150-300 are too much). A bouquet of beautiful flowers is a really MUST-HAVE at the first meeting with Ukrainian and Russian ladies. A medium bouquet costs about 100-150 hryvna (about $10-15), and I think that it is an economical sign of attention for a beautiful girl.

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The second advice is that you should be ready to pay for the dinner. Ukrainian and Russian ladies do accept the invitation as an acknowledgment and do not offer to pay e.g. for meals at restaurants in return. It is a special feature of our mentality which is rather traditional. If you are looking for a Ukrainian wife, you should know that (you find more information on this issue in my article “Should Western men always pay for Ukrainian & Russian ladies?”).

But you can prepare for that and impress your girl by finding a restaurant for dinner. You can ask for nice restaurants at the hotel reception desk where you live during your trip in Ukraine. Besides, you can use Internet (I am sure there are a plenty of reviews of other men who describe different restaurants, cafes or clubs during their trips in Ukraine). A dinner at a middle-class restaurant/café for two persons may cost 300-500 hryvna (about $30-50).

If your date tells you about (very) expensive restaurants like “Veljur” or “Inter-Continental” in Kiev, you must be aware to pay more than $1000 per dinner. So it is recommended to make an online research and learn the names of expensive restaurants in the city where the first date will take place. Thus, your date will not become a big financial disaster for you. 😉

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As you see, an average date with a Ukrainian woman will cost you about $70 (flowers and dinner). If you want to be a REALLY BIG gentleman, you can offer your woman to pay for a taxi. Usually, it costs about 100 hryvna ($10), not $50-100.

How to react if a Ukrainian woman wants to clearly make you bankrupt? If the woman obviously shows you that she is displeased by your choice of the restaurant and after dinner she can no longer go home by public transport and can imagine going home only on a private taxi which costs 4 times more expensive than the official one. Well, in my opinion, this is more than evident that this kind of woman you are dating is more interested in your wallet than in you.

Developing a communication and relationship with this woman makes no sense (or do you guess that I am wrong?). I am sure that these professional pro-daters and gold diggers in Ukraine and Russia will use your wallet until you become suspicious and stop spending your money for her needs.

Guys, believe me Ukrainian and Russian gold diggers know better than to ask you to fund their expensive tastes, at least in the beginning; they’ll tap into your desire to help them afford the things they need (food, accommodation, transportation). If you want to pay about $200-300 per date with the Ukrainian woman in the hope that she would later change her desires and will understand your financial opportunities, you are really foolish enough if you think so (in my hard opinion). So do not waste your time and money and look only for normal women in Ukraine! Believe me you will find them!

Good luck in Ukraine! 🙂



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7 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    I met a woman on one of the dating web sites, she is from Cherkassy, Ukraine. We are now discussing my visit too her country. I am very excited about this. Of course, I do not speak the language. I plan to fly into Kiev and have ask her to meet my there.

    My questions are: Should I plan to stay in Kiev? Get 2 rooms?

    I would like to meet her family, is this proper? I had planned for a long weekend there, maybe 4 days, is this enough?

    Is there enough english speaking people there to help me navigate once in Kiev?

    Any help would be appiciated.

    Thank you

  2. Patrick says:

    My thoughts on you questions. There are enough English speaking people there to help you . If you have an iPhone or mini ipad download a translator app.

    Or go to a bookstore and by a quick reference translation book .

    4 days is enough time for first meeting .

    Suggestion for rooms , rent a 2 bedroom apartment in kiev , cheaper than 2 motel rooms and you both will have your privacy .

    Good luck .

    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Hey Patrick,

      thank you for sharing your suggestions with the Ukrainian Dating Blog. They are really smart and could help to have a nice trip to Ukraine without any stress.



  3. steven says:

    So i have been to women in Ukraine for about 2 or 3 weeks now and she ask for money what should i do i ask

    for video to make sure she is real wmen because i have pictures of her is that to much to ask anyway she got very up set

  4. Mike says:

    I met a Ukrainian woman in a dating site. We have been writing to each other for two and half months. She’s never asked me about money or disturbing question up to now. She lives in Mironovka that is 100km south of Kiev. I want to meet in Kiev but she doesn’t want to come there because of her work. And asked me for finding rental apartment in her town. Can it be dangerous for me to travel that town? Or what kind of precautions I may take?


  5. Braxton says:

    I met this Ukrainian girl on a dating site and she only wants to talk on that site. We wrote daily to each other and she said she likes me and all that.
    She is also on different dating sites and we have been talking since January for our meeting.
    The other day she told me that she has vacation coming up so I went to try get everything ready and she also told me that around May is the best time because of the spring.
    So I tried to set up everything and was going to get my ticket for May 12th so when I told her that she went ahead and told me that it was better if I come June instead and since she has been on other sites chatting live.
    So I am thinking that maybe some other guy that she met online is also visiting and she probably want to set up the exact date so She could see all the man who are setting up a trip to go there.
    Since she has been on different sites and she is always online then I am thinking that she is looking to meet more guys.
    It’s confusing because she was telling me all kinds of sweet words but my question is that if she is on different dating sites then she probably is a pro dater am I right? And if she is expecting more men to visit her then should I just live her alone despite all of the so called life plans we did with each other?
    But the things is that I am not sure and I don’t want to hurt any one with my words. So do you think there is more guys going to visit her besides me?
    If that is the case then should I explain why am I going to stop writing her?
    She has also told me sweet things like love you and all of that.
    So can you help me figure it out what to do next?

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