Again, the myths & truth about Ukrainian and Russian ladies

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the myths & truth about Ukrainian and Russian ladies… is a fairly hotly debated topic in the Russian & Ukraine dating forums and blogs. I also did not pass this issue and wrote five articles. S. here:

  1. 10 myths about Ukrainian & Russian women for marriage
  2. Three horrible myths about Ukraine
  3. 5 Incredible Myths About Ukrainian Women
  4. Dating Ukrainian women – Facts & Myths
  5. Myths & Facts About Ukraine Online Dating

I thought it would be enough information for Western men looking for a wife from Ukraine and Russia. It turns out I was very wrong! 🙂 No matter how many articles I write, Western men will always have myths that give a false picture of the Ukrainian women. Today, we will discuss a few myths about Ukrainian and Russian ladies, especially how they love their men. We are going to set a few of these myths to rest and let you know some of them are true.

The first myth is Ukrainian and Russian ladies are money hungry

As for me, this is just not true. In the Russian and Ukrainian culture, women are raised to never ask a man for money. They are raised to find a way to solve this issue themselves.

The next myth… Ukrainian and Russian ladies are more direct

This is true. Ukrainian and Russian women will reply to your question with very detailed answers and in turn be looking for a more detailed answer from you.

ukrainian woman

Ukrainian and Russian women for marriage like you to meet the parents

This statement would be very true. Women of Ukraine and Russia hold their parents opinions in very high regards. They want the parents to like you. This will in turn make her realize that she has found a good man.

Ukrainian and Russian women never say I love you.

This myth is not always the case. For a Russian or Ukrainian woman it is harder to say those words. She believes in order to say them she has to be practically married to you. Us Ukrainian girls were raised with core family values.

Almost old fashioned values. They are sensitive and sincere and almost naive. It is said that Ukrainian and Russian girls are lazy in love. The fact is guys, in showing you they love you, they dress to please you. Ukrainian and Russian women are said to give more of themselves to the man that loves them. If you meet and hit it off really well with a woman of Ukraine you will know that she loves you.

If she knows you love her, that woman will give 200% of herself to you. It may not come out with those three pretty little words we all want to hear but, you will for sure know your lady is in love with you. As long as you are showing your love to her, she will respond with the same. In all reality it also depends on the Russian / Ukrainian woman.

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Fully knowing some of these myths and truth will help you to better understand dating a lady from Ukraine. Face it; even Ukrainian and Russian girls are like normal good girls. If you treat them the way you would like to be treated, your response will be the same. Be a gentleman and remember how hard their childhood may have been. Give love and you will get love.

Lastly, don’t forget to take the lead. Make her feel special and take her out for that special even that only you can plan. Make it romantic and make her feel special and like the only one who matters. You will be sure to win her heart!! 😉



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  1. darcy says:

    I would have to agree that movies and the media can distort a persons view of ladies from this culture. That somehow, these women are hardened and unemotional. People are people wherever we go. We all have the same basic needs like the desire to be loved and show love.

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