Do not forget to congratulate the Ukrainian & Russian women on March 8!

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Do not forget to congratulate the Russian women on March 8! It is the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day for ladies in Russia and Ukraine. The first observance of International Women’s Day took place in March of 1913. On this date, the women of St. Petersburg in Russia launched a large demonstration and were demanding their rights to vote.

On March 8, 1917 there was a similar, but larger demonstration that happened. This is marked by a majority of historians, as the first days of the Russian Revolution. Four days following the demonstration, Nicholas II stepped down as the Russian Emperor, allowing a provisional government to be put in place, and soon all Russian women were granted their voting rights.

8 march

International Women’s Day has been a national holiday in Ukraine and Russia ever since the year 1918, today it is also a non-labor day. There are so many reasons to celebrate the legacy that women bring to the world, as our mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, wives, lovers, and members of our own families.

This is a holiday that celebrates all the great symbols of womanhood around the world. It is also a time to remember the many achievements of Ukrainian and Russian women from the past, present, and looking into the future. Images of mothers with their children are commonly displayed, on postcards, posters, artwork, and gifts.

The flowering of spring is at the essence of this holiday, bringing tulips or lily of the valley to your female friend is the perfect show of affection and love. When celebrating International Women’s Day, it is usually a simple affair.

International Women's Day

Festivities include having a nice meal and spirits with those closest to the woman you know, be it family or friends alike. Like all traditional holidays, the receiving of flowers, gifts, cards, and sweets is always acceptable. So do not forget to congratulate the Ukrainian and Russian women on March 8, but remember them always for changing their country, world history, and the way women are seen all around the world.

The women of Ukraine and Russia took a landmark step into a new age of equality that lives on into these modern times. All women have much to celebrate on this often overlooked holiday. Show your pride for the women in your life and those all around the world, by observing International Women’s Day. It is a holiday worthy of our prayers and thoughts, for the women you love.

P.S. I’m already looking forward to the gift from my beloved husband in the morning. 🙂



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