Miroslava – A beautiful Ukraine woman ready for marriage

Krystyna presents: Miroslava, a beautiful Ukrainian lady for marriage

If you are looking for a beautiful woman who will make an amazing wife, then you need to look no further than Miroslava. Miroslava is a 35 year old compassionate woman from the Ukraine who has domesticated values that will make any man’s heart smile. She is an educated woman, tender hearted and fun spirited. Miroslava works as a manager in the finance field.

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She is sure to bring a great sense of romance to any loving relationship she is a part of. She loves various forms of visual and performing arts. She stays in great shape by engaging in yoga and keeps her mind stimulated by reading great books.

She is an amazing cook; as she enjoys preparing great meals for family, friends and the love of her life. Miroslava is a Christian woman with no children, never been married, who does not drink or smoke.

Miroslava is a beautiful sight to see. At 5’7” tall, 116 lbs., she will fit comfortably in the arms of a lucky husband. She has beautiful blonde hair, grey eyes and a face of an angel. She is indeed a physical thing of beauty.

What a man is Miroslava looking for?

Miroslava is seeking a white European male no older than 50 years of age. He must be kind, loving and ready to settle down in a marriage. He must be the type of man who wants to be good to a beautiful, generous, loving and kind woman.

If a man can handle being loved, cherished and adored, then Miroslava is the woman for you.

Will you, dear men, meet a beautiful Ukrainian lady for marriage Miroslava?

You find Miroslava’s profile here: www.elenasmodels.com

Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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