Seven reasons why Western men want to meet Ukrainian ladies

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After having read various Russian and Ukrainian women forum threads, I collected the most common reasons why Western men want to find a Ukrainian woman for life. As you know, more and more men from Western parts of the world are interested in meeting women from Russia and Ukraine. Some people might attribute this to increasing distaste for the “dating scene” or other social factors related to meeting members of the opposite sex. I don’t think that is the case.

Instead of chalking this state of affairs up to negative social situations, I prefer to think of this phenomenon as a compliment to Ukrainian culture. There are quite a few things about Ukrainian culture that make meeting a Ukrainian woman appealing to men from the West.

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Here are the most common reasons why Western men dream to find a woman from Ukraine (found on and

Reason #1. Traditional Family Values

Western men appear to value family values more and more. While it would be rude to make generalizations about the women that Western men typically encounter, it can be said that women from other cultures tend to possess a different perspective on the role of the family.

Reason #2. Traditional Culture

There is stability and confidence in a stable cultural environment at home. A stable culture at home often results in a stable, happy family. With divorce rates hovering around fifty percent, is it any wonder that men would seek out partners who value the stability and consistency that a stable culture provides?

Reason #3. Respect of a Good Education

Western culture values celebrity status quite heavily. While this is good for entertainment purposes, it is a shaky foundation upon which to build a family. Education and the opportunities that education represents are vital to the long term success of a person and their family. Obviously, a man who values that belief in their own life would value it in a partner.

Reason #4. Relationship Goals

When a man is looking to establish a long term relationship, they often have to meet quite a few people before they find someone with a similar desire. It can be exhausting to meet a woman and become interested in her as a person, only to find that she is not interested in establishing a deep relationship. Men would obviously gravitate towards people with similar relationship goals.

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Reason #5. Honesty

Everyone appreciates knowing where they stand with everyone. Trust is an important part of any relationship and is absolutely required. Men would obviously want to find people who value trust in a relationship, and who embody that trust in their actions and words.

Reason #6. Expressing Their Feelings

Men are not typically regarded as adept at expressing their thoughts and feelings. However, that does not mean that men don’t value that trait in a partner. Women who are comfortable with their feelings and able to express them effectively make great relationship partners.

Reason #7. Femininity and Sweetness

There is nothing more captivating than a beautiful woman. A woman who can steal your heart with a glance, but also connect with you on an emotional level is rare indeed. However, when a man finds a woman like this, he rarely lets her go.

According to most Western men looking for a match from abroad, us Ukrainian ladies embody all of these traits.

My question to you, dear Ukrainian Dating Blog readers: why do you want to meet Ukrainian ladies for marriage? What are your reasons for that?

I would be happy to read your answers and thoughts 🙂



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