Some more Ukraine dating tips: a Western man shares his experience & success

Hello guys,

let me introduce myself. I´m Sid, a 29 year old young German man trying to get my life running as good as possible. I studied computer science and now work at a quite good job, started my own little businesses with some of my friends. Nothing special so far … average looking … usual behavior … some good friends … loving to watch football with a good German beer. That´s basically it! 😉

As you can see there´s absolutely nothing extraordinary about me and I believe a lot of guys can find some similarities to the above. I think right now you´re asking yourself what the hell is going on with that guy and what that guy has to do with a blog about dating east European and especially Ukrainian women? Basically there´s one interesting difference between you, guys, and me. I already did it! I married a Ukrainian wife! We´re getting a baby! We are building up our own little family due to intercultural differences!

Ukraine dating

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Now you might be at the point and ask yourself why is that guy showing off and why does he tell me all that? Just be happy and leave me alone! But you know what? I think there are some basic rules which made my way to that relationship successful.

I can tell you right now that it was a hard piece of work (yes, that´s the first hint for you guys … “work”) and that it took me a lot of energy and effort. But believe me, every second of suffering was worth it! I know you´re with me in that point … that´s why you´re here at Krystyna´s Ukrainian Dating Blog!

I made up my mind and I think that Krystyna´s advices can help you in many ways. That´s why you guys should be really thankful. She is sharing all her knowledge and investing that much time … just to give you hope in finding the right woman for your life. She has all the knowledge about scam, dating sites and the East European culture … that´s for sure.

I can´t add anything to that, I would not call myself a dating expert or anything else. But what Krystyna can´t give you is the view from the other side of the road! She does not know how western men really feel about their experiences with east European women. That´s where I come to play!

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Sid & Krystyna

So Krystyna and I figured out a little deal to put the Ukrainian Dating Blog to another level (I know it´s quite impossible because it´s already one of the best resources on the internet) and add the Western´s man point of view. Let me be the guy who, well that´s what I hope, can help you with all the questions Krystyna isn´t able to answer.

Let me be the guy who can, besides Krystyna´s advices, bring you one step closer to success in International online dating and meeting the Ukrainian woman of your dreams. Because you know what? I believe every one of you out there is able to be successful in that.

Maybe you just need a little help from a pal who had the same dream that you guys have! 🙂

Sincerely yours,



Questions? Feel free to ask Sid 🙂 (s. here: Contact with Subject “Ask Sid”)

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2 Responses

  1. Chava Kaufman says:

    2 peas in a pod. The mistrust is too deep. Quite suspicious indeed.

    • Krystyna Krystyna says:

      Sorry, Chava, but I have to say that you sound a little paranoid – the mistrust is too deep and everything is suspicious.
      Or are you jealous of our happiness? I found my match and he is the best.

      I wish you a lot of luck to find a woman for life. And this will not be easy in your case…


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