5 questions & advice on a Siberian Russian woman

Dear Krystyna,

I was wondering if you could give me your opinion in regards to my personal situation, regarding a Russian woman. I know you’re primarily focused on Ukrainian women. No sweat if you do not wish to answer my questions.
Please feel free to use this on your webpage if you so wish.

When I was traveling on holiday in Thailand I met a Russian girl (lets call her Ivana) at a bar. I’m a French New Zealander. She was so excited that I was French. In the first few minutes of talking to her (she spoke broken English), she told me that I have a beautiful face for television. I then told her how I was on French television once for five minutes. She was excited by this and told her friend.

She was doing most of the chatting up and made the first move on me. I don’t usually like putting it in these terms, but I probably have a 8-9 out of 10 face and 6-7 out of 10 body. She has a 6-7 face and a 9-10 out of 10 body. Hopefully that adds some perspective. She later found out that I was 24. Her friend attempted to discourage Ivana (in Russian) when they found out how old I was. Ivana ignored her remarks.

We both became quite intoxicated and I ended up in her hotel. We had two to three hours of passion. I am quite conservative and have only been with four women, including her. So I was a bit taken a back when I woke up knowing what I had gotten up to. When I woke up she showed me photos of her family and her city and asked me to promise that I will see her later that day. She said she was surprised that I haven’t been to a prostitute nor have a girlfriend. She said that good Russian men are ugly and that good looking men in Russia use prostitutes.

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I met up with Ivana and her friend later that day. Ivana was quite keen for me to spend another night at her hotel, I kept delaying and making excuses. She eventually gave up trying to convince me and I saw her back to hotel. She was leaving back for Russia the next day. Ivana sent me an email two weeks after I met her. We have been in touch for the past six months. I did not learn that she was 33 until I came back to New Zealand. I thought maybe 28-30.

I plan to see her in four months. I asked her if she would want to meet again. She said she would love to. I asked if she would be ok if I fly her to France to meet me as I am going to visit relatives. It works out roughly the same price as me to go to Russia from France and her to come to France from Russia between flights & accommodation. Also travel to Russia alone is not recommended by the New Zealand government. So I hope I am not giving an impression that I am rich, when I’m really not. She said she is so excited to go to France as she has always dreamed to go to Paris. She said that I am too generous to her and that she can’t wait to see me.

Other information:

  • She is from Siberia, but is moving to a city near the Ukrainian, Belarusian and Russian border.
  • She is about 186cm tall and I am about 184 cm tall.
  • She hates Americans and Muslims. (New Zealand is very multicultural).

My questions are follows, given the above:

  1. Do you think she wants New Zealand citizenship/visa?
  2. Will she want to be a ‘trophy’ girlfriend/wife and not work, if I do help her get a working visa to stay in New Zealand?
  3. Is a woman going for a younger man highly unusual in the Russian culture?
  4. Will she expect to marry me in the very near future?
  5. Should I be concerned with her being promiscuous?

Feel free to make comments on other parts of my story.

Much appreciated for your help.



Krystyna answers:



Dear Joe,

Unfortunately, I cannot answer your questions because you wrote me too little information about this girl (about your communication and her personality). As I understand, you knew her just a couple of days before she returned to Russia. So you do not know her well. I try to give my opinion on each of your questions you asked.

Question #1: Do you think she wants New Zealand citizenship/visa?

I cannot think anything what she wants and what she does not want because I do not know her personally. It may be that she is interested only in a New Zealand passport or visa. But it may also be that she likes you and she wants to get known you better.

Question #2: Will she want to be a ‘trophy’ girlfriend/wife and not work, if I do help her get a working visa to stay in New Zealand?

As I said above, I cannot think anything because I do not know Ivana personally. I cannot say you what she wants. Surely, it is possible that she wants to be a “trophy” wife but it is also possible that she a career-oriented woman. I guess you can find out her wishes and plans from her words. My advice is listen carefully to what she tells you about her plans for the future. Ask her about what she wants in the future marriage and how she imagines the role of the wife in the family life.

Question #3: Is a woman going for a younger man highly unusual in the Russian culture?

I would mention that in the past, the Russian society was more traditional and the men were mostly older than their wives. Nowadays, the age difference in a relationship is not very important anymore and I know a few couples in which the women are older that their men. So I would say that if a woman is going for a younger man it is not unusual in the Russian culture anymore.

Question #4: Will she expect to marry me in the very near future?

I do not know. Maybe yes, maybe not. You can ask her and I believe you get a honest answer 🙂

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Question #5: Should I be concerned with her being promiscuous?

You should be careful but you should not be concerned with her being promiscuous.

Learn more about the Russian culture and dating so that you could find out the red signs in her actions. Do not send money to her if you do not have a relationship with each other.

Get known each other deeper.

Be patient and take time! 🙂



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