Meeting a Ukrainian woman in your own country first: the Pros & Cons

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Even though the reasons have somewhat changed over the years, the Marry a Ukrainian/Russian Bride industry is still alive and kicking. According to one research firm, among the top ten multinational introduction services that are primarily based online, more than 11 million visitors inquired during March 2013.

This was an increase of one-third over the same month, one year prior. As the market for introductions to available Russian and Ukrainian women continues to thrive, many men who are looking are seeking more reliable information, especially from other men who have or are going through it.

Planning a new future is hard enough, but when you also have questions such as how much it costs to send written letters overseas, how to combine cultures, how to ask for her hand, and all the questions about visas — it can be overwhelming! 🙂 This is surely a move not to make lightly, and there are some things to watch out for, before you decide to bring your Ukrainian lady to visit your country.

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However, don’t let that stop you if you are seeking a Ukrainian bride. Many happy men in the U.S. and Western Europe have found true love and happiness with their special lady from the former Soviet Union (FSU.)

First, the cons why you should meet your Ukrainian bride in your home country:

1. Anytime the Internet is involved, there is a chance that you may run into swindlers and fraud.
This could be a woman herself or a fake business that uses a few women to cheat men out of their hard-earned dollars. Some fraudulent businesses take advantage of both the women in Ukraine / Russia and the men overseas.

If you look at online testimonials, you will find men who believe the Ukrainian online dating industry is nothing but false advertising. Alternately, you will also find many men who are currently enjoying happy marriages or engagements or sometimes they are still traveling back and forth visiting each other. While some couples find it doable to make several get-together vacations before deciding on a life together, others find it harder due to employment or a child at home that needs them.

2. Occasionally, a woman from Ukraine really only wants the chance to travel and see other places and meet other people, but has no big desire to actually settle down yet. It could get expensive dating such a woman, since she may be expecting you to pay her way. Unless she finds you interesting off the bat, she may be one that wants to look around first. This is not always the case, but it is a possibility.

3. Of course, the expense involved is a concern for most Western men, because it can be unclear upfront what the whole search will total in the end. Invariably, it is different for each person, and many decisions come up along the way that either add to the cost or cut costs.

You don’t want to continue paying even nominal amounts if you find yourself completely incompatible with the first woman you meet, or the second, or the third. You need to keep in mind a way to bail out, if the need arises.

4. Visas and other vital documents can prove to be annoying throughout the waiting process, and it takes research to find out what types of temporary visas exist, followed by the procedure to take if you do find your potential bride. There are required steps to follow; forms must be filled out and filed, such as the I-130 and then a K-3 or K-4, followed by a V-1 or V-2.

5. You could wind up in a situation where she makes other contacts with westerners while visiting, and if she doesn’t feel a connection to you, she may wind up coming back to visit other people. Understandably, if you are emotionally bonding to her and have spent money, vacation time and energy on her you may not want to try again for some time.

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Now for some pros:

1. By bringing her to his country to visit, the man can determine if the Ukrainian woman for marriage is ready to leave her country of birth for his. She has probably only heard from others and looked at pictures of American life, but until she actually experiences it for a short while, you don’t really know how she will react to it.

2. You will have the chance to be together completely alone, which is the best way to see if your personalities click. You gain a taste of what it’s like living with someone with foreign habits, at least until she becomes more westernized.

3. Even though some Western men want to meet a Ukrainian or Russian woman in her own natural setting, it is best to see how she reacts in a new one. Additionally, many new couples choose to vacation in a third country where neither has been before, such as Greece, Italy or Turkey.

Looking ahead, however, you must take some steps to make your dreams come true. If you follow basic precautions, do your research and keep an open heart ready, your chances are good for a successful union. There IS someone for everyone; it’s just finding them that take some work. 😉



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