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Hello Krystyna,

I like your blog, it is very encouraging. 🙂 I want to ask you if you think i truly have a chance to marry a Ukrainian girl. A little about me, I’m 25 I grew up in north Los Angeles with mostly Russian and Armenian friends. I also speak a little Russian.

My last girlfriend was American born Armenian, but we broke up because she did not want to get married and have kids. That was 3 years ago. I have been writing letters to this girl Natalia who is 23 and she is from Lugansk Ukraine. I sent her gifts several times over the 7 months we have been writing letters to each other.

I plan to go meet her sometime in May. Everything has been going well in our communication, and she is registered with so I know she is real. I read all the stories about the men finding their wives in Ukraine, but I have noticed most of them are double my age, because most of the men are in their 40’s and 50’s.I’m wondering if everything will go well when I meet her in person.

Do Ukrainian girls prefer older men? Do you seriously think I have a chance of getting married? I see a lot of Russian and Armenian girls here, but I know the mindset of people is different in other countries despite similar heritage.

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I know they say write to many women but she is the only one i have been writing to. You can only marry one person, so I thought I would just focus on one. My parents met this way in the 80’s so I know you can find happiness through writing letters to someone on the other side of the planet. Do you think I have a chance? I ask you this because I’m not sure who to ask because this is kind of an unknown subject to most people.

My Russian friend Lavrenti told me the girls in the old country are the same as the ones here; the only difference is that they don’t speak English. He then told me that I would just end up getting scammed or divorced after my wife gets her green card. I guess what he told me today made me question everything that I have been doing, in my search for a Ukrainian wife. I know you can give me a very honest and independent opinion.

So do you think I have a chance in being successful in my search? Is there any truth to what my friend told me? I am a bit worried and confused right now, I’m even wondering if I should still go to Ukraine. Your answer would be greatly appreciated, and would mean a lot to me. I don’t know who else to ask this to.

Thank you,



Krystyna answers:



Hello Rahim,

I hope I can help you with my tips and advice.

To your questions:

Do Ukrainian girls prefer older men?

The “age difference” issue is very controversial. On one hand, many Western men ask themselves what age difference in Russian/Ukrainian-Western relationships is perfect. Usually, Ukrainian women do really search for older men because of their moral and financial stability. But this does not mean that only older men have a chance to find a match from Ukraine. Also you have a good chance to find a nice serious woman from Ukraine.

Do you seriously think I have a chance of getting married?

Why not. 🙂 If you have serious intentions and will learn how to deal with intercultural differences in Ukrainian-Western relationship/marriage, you have really good chance to find a Ukrainian women for marriage.

My russian friend Lavrenti told me the girls in the old country are the same as the ones here,the only difference is that they don’t speak english.He then told me that i would just end up getting scammed or divorced after my wife gets her green card.

If you have such an opinion like your Russian friend Lavrenti, do not start to look for a foreign woman. If you do not have positive ideas about Ukrainian dating and women,  you will fail in this case. Surely, there is a possibility to get scammed but if you follow some rules, this possibility is really small. I really hate generalizations like all women are the same, all Russian women are scammers, all American women are emancipated. You should remember that there are women with various personalities. There are nice and bad women in Ukraine and Russia, honest and dishonest, serious and not, scammers and not.

I would recommend you to read the following ebooks on Russian/Ukrainian dating scam:

  1. (written by Krystyna, for free)
  2. ukraine dating scam guide

  3. (an ANTI-SCAM guide by Elena Petrova, costs $24,95)
  4. anti scam guide

Sometimes, you, as a Western man searching for a wife on a dating site, could actually the victim of a scam. There are agencies that are dishonest in their business practices and steal money from men who are genuinely looking for love. If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is. Be very cautious when choosing the service you use and make sure that they are reputable and “above board.”

So do you think i have a chance in being successful in my search?

Everybody has a chance in being successful in his Ukrainian woman’s search. Also you, if you learn about Ukrainian dating and are optimistic. 🙂

It is really important to be prepared for that because this process is not easy. The search for perfect women from Ukraine can be very difficult and typically leads to failure. The main why this is the case is because there are no perfect women in the Ukraine. There are no perfect women anywhere. So, any search that involves that kind of mindset is doomed to failure from the very beginning.

I know that men can tend to get a little impatient when they are searching. That is understandable, but you cannot e-mail hundreds of girls all at once. E-mail a few and get to know some of them to see if there is a connection there before you move on. Remember, when you get impatient you are looking for an “ideal” woman or a perfect woman. Because nobody is perfect, this will make the search fruitless.

It is much better to be patient and try to get to know somebody first. When men are searching for love in the Ukraine, they must be certain to keep their wits about them and go slowly. They cannot get to know a woman in one e-mail, and they cannot possibly find a woman by e-mailing hundreds. Exercise some patience and common sense.

My advice is that read more about Ukrainian online dating. Here are some books which may be helpful for you:




Questions? Feel free to ask Krystyna, your Ukrainian dating expert 🙂 (s. here: Contact Krystyna)



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